Nu Metro Cinema

Village Market Cinema: Does Village Market Have a Cinema?

Sadly, no, the Village Market cinema closed down and is no longer operational.

Nairobi Cinema Ticket Prices

Here are the prices at cinemas currently open in Nairobi

Century Cinemax Garden City Mall

These are the IMAX prices all through the week:

Prices at Century Cinemax Garden City Mall

Here are the various weekend prices:

Weekend Prices at Century Cinemax Garden City Mall

Cinema in Town (Nairobi)

There are currently no cinemas operational in downtown Nairobi. What was the IMAX 20th century cinema and Kenya Cinema back in the day have both closed.

Market Market Cinema Schedule

If you happened upon this post looking for the movie schedule of the Market Market Cinema in Taguig City, Philippines, here’s some information about that: the Market Market Cinema is not currently open, so is not showing any movies.

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You would have to be blind to live in Nairobi (please excuse my political incorrectness) and not notice the rising phenomenon that is Nu Metro, both the cinemas and mediastores. (The cinemas include the Village Market cinema, and those at The Junction Mall and Prestige Plaza.)

I say phenomenon because from having five cinemas to go to in Nairobi, that number has now doubled. Nu Metro has played a big role in that development.

Usually located at big shopping complexes, Nu Metro has brought theaters to areas that are convenient to moviegoers, i.e., places where they normally go to shop and partake in other forms of recreation.

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I enjoy going to the movies.

My favorite cinemas used to be 20th Century Fox (downtown) and the Fox cinema at Sarit.

Today, I rarely go to either of these two cinemas. Instead, I go to the Nu Metro cinemas at The Village Market, The Junction, and Prestige Plaza.

I do this, not so much because I am flaky and just like whatever’s new, but because Nu Metro cinemas have gone a long way to making movie going a real treat.

From the decor to the comfort of the cinema halls, a movie at a Nu Metro cinema is a pleasure in all ways but one: cost.

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Rising Prices at Nu Metro Cinemas: An Experience at the Village Market Movies

Have you noticed how expensive movies at Nu Metro have become lately?

I first realized this when I went to watch a movie at the Village Market cinema two years ago and got returned chump change after buying 2 tickets with a Ksh. 1000 note.

The cost of a movie ticket then was Ksh. 330.

Movie tickets and popcorn

An Experience at the Junction Cinema

Two months ago, I went to watch Hannibal Rising at The Junction on a Sunday night and found that the ticket price was an astounding Ksh.470.

That’s almost Ksh.500!

Moreover, that’s before snacks and drinks!

Nu Metro Cinemas exist at the Juntion Mall and the Village Market Cinema

Still, I am not going to boycott Nu Metro cinemas because of price.

However, high pricing sure reduces the frequency with which I go to watch movies there.

A friend and I have now resolved to watch movies exclusively on Monday nights.

With a promotion called “Monday Madness”, you can purchase a movie ticket, a cold drink, a hot dog or chocolate bar, and a box of popcorn all at the price of a regular movie ticket.

That’s a bit of a better buy.

Still, for me who normally doesn’t buy snacks and drinks at the movies, I wish I could just purchase an inexpensive ticket.

What do you think? Are the prices of movies increasing ridiculously fast? What do you think would be a fair price for movie tickets?

I would still like to commend Nu Metro cinemas for the great job they are doing with bringing cinemas closer to us, the moviegoers, and for making movie watching a truly enjoyable experience.

I would like to request that they review their ticket prices, though, so that the experience can remain affordable.

What are your favorite movie theaters? Have you jumped onto the Nu Metro cinema bandwagon or has the arrival of the Nu Metro movie theaters left you unmoved?

I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Until the next time,

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23 thoughts on “Village Market Cinema: Does Village Market Have a Cinema?”

Nu Metro Cinemas are also taking a toll in Nigeria also. I guess its an African thing, not just Nairobi. Entertainment as it has to do with the standard that the western world has already put in place, is not up to date in africa. Africa needs to let the world know that there is originality in our art and we can give the world a whole new perspective of entertainment on TV. I do hope that new metro is up to the task. I have my eyes on you guys. Je crois en toi!


Hi Dayo,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown! The idea you advance about African entertainment being more visible in Africa is interesting. What are you suggesting? I’d like to hear more.



Try the “mzuri monday madness”. Its Kes. 380.00 per person every Monday and it includes a hot dog, soda and pop corn. Just make sure you get there 30 minutes before show time as the lines can be long and you don’t want to get in when the movie has already started!


Hi Moses,

Thanks a lot for the tip. The Mzuri Madness promotion really is a good buy. I remember the first time I went, I had just come from having a late lunch and all the food just killed me!!!! 🙂 So a word to the wise, make sure you go to the movies with space in your tummy to take full advantage of the combo.


i know its way too late but for personal reasons I would like to know what movies were showing on the 12
June 2007 at the Nu metro Suncoast caasino and enterteinment in Durban . Please can anyone help me . it’s very urgent

love your blog as you can tell I am a bit late catching up on all but better late than never. A cheap movie in the states is like 10 bucks which is like 700 bucks, so I still think Kenya has a better deal.

funny thing last time I was in Kenya movies were like 200 shillings

Hi Future diplomat,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown – better late than never! 🙂

Yep, movies in the US are off the hook in terms of cost! My brother once took me to the movies when I went to visit him in DC and it’s an exercise that I encourage him not to repeat. Why, when we can as easily rent a DVD and catch a good movie at home? (Not quite, but almost). I am imagine that put in the American context, though, it’s not as horrible as it looks when one converts to Kenyan Shillings, no?

Looking forward to seeing more of you around ChickAboutTown,

Hi Kehumile,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the information you need. You might try checking on their website though.


I want to open a cinema around my home tawn please help me with wat is needed, like bplan my name is comfort my number is 0716354934 4rm south africa polokwane plz

what exactly is chickabouttown all about…nd hey if comfort still wana talk abt opening a cinema please give me a call maybe we can figure out somethn,u made a comment ka di 22 july 2010 at 12:38 number 0747340889,my name is steve.comfort from polokwane pls do that

Hi Stephens,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown, a lifestyle blog about East Africa! Thanks for reaching out to Comfort. I’m sure she’ll get in touch if she is still interested.


Hi my name is Nosipiwo i would like to open a movie theater in my town. How do i get to buy frenchise

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