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Konyagi vs. Waragi: 2 Great East African Spirits Go Head-To-Head

Not too long ago, I met up for the first time with a reader of this blog who recently relocated to Dar es Salaam from Kampala. Although we had never met before, we found that we had a lot in common including that our parents had completed their graduate studies at the same university in the U.S. (at the same time and knew each other) and that we shared a common friend. Our first encounter was an interesting one where we shared our life stories and spoke about things we could both relate to such as the differences and similarities … Continue reading Konyagi vs. Waragi: 2 Great East African Spirits Go Head-To-Head


I’m feeling thirsty. No, not that kind of thirst—water can do nothing for me right now. I mean THIR-STY thirsty. Catch my drift? (It’s Friday, don’t think too hard! ;-)) (Related: Waragi vs. Konyagi: 2 Great East African Spirits Go Head-To-Head) So…this evening, I’m going to take inspiration from all the honey and lemon I have been handling for my hair and make a Dawa. What? You don’t know what a Dawa is? Hmmm…let me tell you a little more then. A Dawa (Swahili for ‘medicine’) is a popular Kenyan cocktail that was popularized by Carnivore (the famous meat eater’s … Continue reading Dawa

Gilbey’s Gin vs. Gordon’s Gin: Which Do You Prefer?

In my early twenties, my drink of choice was a gin and tonic. I loved gin and tonics because they were so refreshing. Poured over a lot of ice, a cool gin and tonic went down smooth with just the right amount of fizz and caused me little trouble the following morning, what with gin being a white spirit (as the say: the darker the spirit, the worse the hangover). Whenever I would order a gin and tonic in Nairobi, though, I would often get asked a question that I was rarely clear on how to answer. The question was “What gin … Continue reading Gilbey’s Gin vs. Gordon’s Gin: Which Do You Prefer?

Bacardi Black vs. Bacardi Gold vs. Bacardi White

 When I say ‘Bacardi rum‘, what image comes to mind? If you are like I was until very recently, you pictured a bottle of clear liquid with the words Bacardi emblazoned across it. Is that what you visualized? Well, you wouldn’t be very wrong if you also envisioned a bottle of Bacardi dark rum, Bacardi Black, or one with a light gold-colored liquid, Bacardi Gold. What?! Yes. Let me tell you a bit more.