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Travelstart Specials & Nu Metro Cinemas

If you came to this post looking for Travelstart specials, you can find a host of them here. Otherwise, keep reading for my original post about Nu Metro Cinemas in Kenya. As I was writing my recent post on Nu Metro cinemas, I looked all over the Internet for an official Nu Metro website that had information about its Nairobi cinemas, the movies showing there, as well as showtimes. Much to my dismay, despite being skilled at searching for information on the net, I found zilch. A Trip to the Junction Cinema Changes That Last Friday, on a treat-myself trip … Continue reading Travelstart Specials & Nu Metro Cinemas

Village Market Cinema: Is There a Cinema at Village Market?

Sadly, no, the Village Market Cinema closed down and is no longer operational. You Might Also Enjoy: You would have to be blind to live in Nairobi (please excuse my political incorrectness) and not notice the rising phenomenon that is Nu Metro, both the cinemas and mediastores. (The cinemas include the Village Market cinema, and those at The Junction Mall and Prestige Plaza.) I say phenomenon because from having five cinemas to go to in Nairobi, that number has now doubled. Nu Metro has played a big role in that development. Usually located at big shopping complexes, Nu Metro has brought … Continue reading Village Market Cinema: Is There a Cinema at Village Market?