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33 Pictures Taken at Rudy’s Farm & Other Interesting Places in East Africa

This post is about eating and travelling across East Africa in places such as Rudy’s Farm in Dar es Salaam. I hope you like it! Before I get to that, though, let me tell you a little bit about Rudy’s Farm, one of my favorite places to spend the day on a weekend or public holiday in Dar es Salaam. Rudy’s Farm, Dar es Salaam Rudy’s Farm is a bar and grill located in the Bahari Beach area of Dar es Salaam, not far from Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel. It’s is best known for the delicious grilled fare it offers. … Continue reading

The Top 5 Wine Farms in Cape Town, South Africa

The Cape vineyards begin just a half hour’s drive outside Cape Town, where the cultivation of grapes dates back to the 1600s. Cape Town’s wine farms are a renowned wine region, internationally recognised for its fine legendary wines. The Constantia Valley, and the area around it, is thought to be the earliest wine-producing region in the Southern Hemisphere and dates back over 300 years. These authentic wine farms still produce world-class, award-winning wines today. Almost every winery seems to offer cosy accommodation, fine dining, casual bistros, gourmet wine pairings and elaborate tastings. To help you choose the next wine estate … Continue reading

Zanzibar, Tanzania: My Best Tips For Stone Town & Elsewhere on the Island

This post is about things to do in Zanzibar. Since many of you come to this post looking for more information about Sunset Restaurant in Stone Town, I’ve updated this post to start with that. So…when you are in Stone Town, be sure to… 1. Experience Sunset at the Sunset Restaurant Stone Town Zanzibar The building that now houses the Africa House Hotel served as the English Club for Royal Navy Officers in the late 19th century. Before then, it was a guest house for members of the Omani Royal family. The original parts of the building are over 340 … Continue reading

Wine: World’s Best Chardonnay Award Goes to a South African Winery

What’s your drink of choice? Ok, let’s narrow that down a bit: if you had to drink wine, what type of wine would you choose? For me, my wine of choice (which also happens to be my current drink of choice) is white wine. More specifically? Chardonnay. Why? Because I like its relative fruity flavor and full body as far as dry white wines go. In East Africa, a large number of wines found on our supermarket shelves or served at establishments come from South Africa. It goes to reason, then, that more often than not these days, I am drinking a chardonnay from a … Continue reading

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge Images & 35 Other Photos Liked By My Instagram Followers

Did you come to this post looking for Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge images? If so, you are in the right place. Here you go! Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge Images At the beginning of March, I turned a scary-for-me age. I could feel age creeping up on me. I had become one of those people who no longer understood why “young people" did the things they did. One thing I couldn’t understand, for instance, was why they spent so much time on Instagram. I mean: what’s so fun about looking at pictures posted by people you don’t even know? Then, two “young people", … Continue reading

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