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Dawa: The East African Cocktail

Have you ever heard of the East African cocktail ‘Dawa’. In this post, I tell you just how to make one. Read on to make the perfect Dawa from the comfort of your home. Ready, steady, go! I’m feeling thirsty. No, not that kind of thirst—water can do nothing for me right now. I mean THIR-STY thirsty. Catch my drift? (It’s Friday, don’t think too hard! ;-)) READ ALSO: Waragi vs. Konyagi: 2 Great East African Spirits Go Head-To-Head This evening, I’m going to take inspiration from all the honey and lemon I have been handling for my hair and make … Continue reading

Cocktail Tip: Make Your Own Cocktails

In the comment sections of my posts about Soho’s and Mercury Lounge, some readers and I shared our views on the quality of cocktails served at some of Nairobi‘s most popular bars and nightclubs. In that discussion, Mercury Lounge and Casablanca were named as establishments that were thought to serve good cocktails, while Hidden Agenda and Soho’s came up as places to avoid when in search of a good cocktail. Lately, I have not been too impressed with what I’ve been seeing many establishments pass off in the name of certain cocktails. Because it is trendy to serve (and be … Continue reading

Cocktails for Cold Weather

A few evenings ago, while getting some work done, I suddenly had a craving for a stiff drink. Strangely enough, I was in the mood for a drink that I rarely drink: brandy. Going with the flow and obeying my craving, I walked to the nearest alcohol vendor and purchased some. My plan was to drink the brandy mixed with juice, but as I started to pour my drink, I felt like having something more suitable for the cold weather outside. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t think of a warm cocktail whose ingredients I had in stock, … Continue reading