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Mbudya Island: Photos/Videos & How to Get There

Mbudya Island, as beautiful as it is, is not somwhere you can fly to. If you came to this post searching for “flights to Mbudya Island”, what  you really want to do is fly to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and from there take an inexpensive 30-minute boat ride to Mbudya Island. There are no hotels on Mbudya Island, though you can camp there if you arrange this beforehand. To visit Mbudya Island, therefore, you will want to stay in Dar es Salaam and visit Mbudya, usually as an excursion for the day. READ ALSO: 40 “Summer” Photos Taken in Tanzania … Continue reading Mbudya Island: Photos/Videos & How to Get There

Uber, the Holiday Season, and Dynamic Pricing

I had never used Uber until I wrote this post about Uber launching in Dar es Salaam. Since then, it has been a Godsend! With its attractive rates, and the fact that you can call for transportation at any time without necessarily knowing a specific taxi driver, or its great mapping tool which allows you to call for a ride even when you are not too sure how to describe where you are, I know I will be using Uber again and again. With the holiday season — and its many parties — upon us, call or schedule an Uber to drive you … Continue reading Uber, the Holiday Season, and Dynamic Pricing

Toyota Vitz Review

This post is a review of the the Toyota Vitz hatchback. Happy New Year, dear reader! May this year be one that brings you the desires of your heart! May it also grant me the desires of my heart too. When it comes to cars, I used to be extremely clear about what the desire of my heart was. I longed for a Peugeot 307 hatchback. For some years, I waited for the perfect combination of factors to come together so I could buy myself one. In the meantime, I would pass by the Peugeot showroom at Sarit, just to gaze … Continue reading Toyota Vitz Review

Auto Assured, Kenya

Update: In 2013, Auto Assured changed its name to INFAMA. Auto Assured Ltd. The Motoring Centre, Lenana Road Tel: +254 -(20)-2711420/1, +254-(20)-2727914/5 Mobile: +254-(722)-752543, +254-(733)-730763 Email:[email protected] Yes, I know Christmas is right around the corner so I would do well to write a Christmas-related post today, but frankly, I am not a big fan of Christmas. What I will offer instead, in an effort to appease my readers who are in the throes of the holiday season, is that the service I am going to tell you about today would make an excellent gift for a loved one whose life you … Continue reading Auto Assured, Kenya

Stantech Motors (Auto Garages in Nairobi)

Stantech Motors Shimo la Tewa Rd. (off Mombasa Road) Tel: +254-(20)-530662 )(pilot line) +254-(20)-558460-1 +254-(20)-555249 +254-(20)-552107 Website: Hi, reader. How are you today? Allow me to deviate from my usual subject of places to go and products to buy and instead tell you about a great auto garage that consistently gives me great service. Today, I’d like to tell you about Stantech Motors, an auto garage located off Mombasa Road (before the turnoff to South B), near Marshalls. Before I get into why I recommend Stantech Motors, allow me first to tell you a little bit about why you … Continue reading Stantech Motors (Auto Garages in Nairobi)