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40 “Summer” Photos Taken in Tanzania

This post contains pictures taken during a summer spent travelling in Tanzania. Since many of you come to this post searching for ‘Tanzania city pictures’. Let me begin with those. Tanzania City Pictures Do not be fooled that the pictures below are not of a city in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, is right on the shores of the Indian Ocean and has both amazing beaches and amazing views of the ocean. Nos. 40 & 39: A Blissful Sunday at Amani Beach, Dar es Salaam Time for a delightful nap after lunch…and what beautiful rest it was! Go … Continue reading

33 Pictures Taken at Rudy’s Farm & Other Interesting Places in East Africa

This post is about eating and travelling across East Africa in places such as Rudy’s Farm in Dar es Salaam. I hope you like it! Before I get to that, though, let me tell you a little bit about Rudy’s Farm, one of my favorite places to spend the day on a weekend or public holiday in Dar es Salaam. Rudy’s Farm, Dar es Salaam Rudy’s Farm is a bar and grill located in the Bahari Beach area of Dar es Salaam, not far from Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel. It’s is best known for the delicious grilled fare it offers. … Continue reading

Show & Tell: Matemwe Hotels & 25 Other Pictures Taken in East Africa

This post is a compilation of some of the best recent pictures from my Instagram page. It includes several pictures taken at a hotel in Matemwe, Zanzibar. If you would like to jump straight to the first picture taken at that hotel, click here. Otherwise, if you are interested on great deals on accommodation at Matemwe hotels, check out what’s available below. Deals on Matemwe Hotels Matemwe Hotels Recommendation: Kasha Boutique Hotel If you are looking for a delightful seaside getaway when you are in Zanzibar, then you will have to leave Stone Town and head to another part … Continue reading

A Guide to Ngorongoro: Flights, Hotels, Best Time to Visit, etc.

Did you come to this post looking for flights to Ngorongoro Conservation Area? If so, I can tell you quite a bit about that. Flights to Ngorongoro Conservation Area/Flights to Ngorongoro Crater There are no international airports in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA). Airport Near Ngorongoro Crater The international airport closest to Ngorongoro is Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is approximately 200 kilometers away. Ngorongoro is accessible by air, though. There is an airstrip on the crater rim close to the headquarters of the NCA. Flights to Ngorongoro Conservation Area are usually charter flights to this airstrip or to another airstrip … Continue reading

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge Images & 35 Other Photos Liked By My Instagram Followers

Did you come to this post looking for Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge images? If so, you are in the right place. Here you go! Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge Images At the beginning of March, I turned a scary-for-me age. I could feel age creeping up on me. I had become one of those people who no longer understood why “young people" did the things they did. One thing I couldn’t understand, for instance, was why they spent so much time on Instagram. I mean: what’s so fun about looking at pictures posted by people you don’t even know? Then, two “young people", … Continue reading

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