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Tailor-Made Watamu Trips & 52 Pictures of Good Eats, Cityscapes & Water Environments in East Africa

This post was originally a compilation of some of the best East African pictures on my Instagram profile. Since many of you come to this post searching for information on “tailor-made Watamu trips”, though, I have updated this post to include information about that too. So jumping right in… Tailor Made Vacations Kenyan Coast Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Where Is Watamu? Watamu is a small town located approximately 105 kilometers north of Mombasa and 15 kilometers south of Malindi on Kenya’s coast. It lies on a small headland between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay. The main economic activities in Watamu … Continue reading

5 Best Protein Treatments for Relaxed Hair & Tips for Healthy Relaxed Hair

Did you come to this post looking for the best protein treatment for relaxed hair? If so, you are in the right place. Here are some great recommendations to give your hair that extra health you are looking for. (Click on each image for more information.) Best Protein Treatment List for Relaxed Hair Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Hair #1: L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm with Almond and Protein Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Hair #2: ApHogee Serious Hair Care Double Bundle (Balancing Moisturizer and Two-Step Protein Treatment) Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Hair #3: Shea Moisture … Continue reading

6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Natural Hair

Today’s guest post on natural hair is by Jill Akanshumbusha. You may have read Jill’s work before in this post she wrote about maroon hair. Keeping hair natural is one of the most popular trends in Afro hair care today. Women of color have wholeheartedly embraced natural hair, and many seem satisfied with their decision to wear their hair this way. This trend has been adopted by women of all ages irrespective of hair texture: kinky or soft. Natural hair is very versatile when it comes to styling, hence it being an interesting way to wear your hair. You may have … Continue reading

Holy Crêpe & Stonehaven, Kampala

If you found this post looking for the Holy Crepe Kololo & Muyenga menu, here you go! You’ll find the menu for Stonehaven Restaurant in Kampala right after that. Holy Crepe Menu (Kololo & Muyenga) Brunch Specials Menu (Holy Crepe Kololo & Muyenga) Sandwiches & Burgers Menu (Holy Crepe Kololo & Muyenga) Holy Crepe Drinks Menu (Kololo & Muyenga) Smoothies & Shakes Menu (Holy Crepe Kololo & Muyenga) Alcoholic Beverages Menu (Holy Crepe Kololo & Muyenga) Holy Crepe Kids Menu (Kololo & Muyenga) Stone Haven Restaurant Kampala In case you are wondering what or where Stonehaven is, Stonehaven is a … Continue reading

Coloured Braids for Both Dark & Light Skin

This post was originally about maroon hair and how you can wear it in different styles. Since many of you come to this post looking for more information on mixed colour braids for dark skin and light skin, though, I’ve decided to tell you a bit more about that. Without further ado, let’s start with some great mixed colour braids styles for dark skin. Mixed Colour Braids for Dark Skin Mixed Colour Braids for Light Skin Maroon Braids on Dark Skin Pink Braids on Dark Skin Colour 33 Braids on Dark Skin Ombre Braids on Dark Skin Blue Braids on … Continue reading

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