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Cheap Flights to Dar es Salaam & 40 “Summer” Photos Taken in Tanzania

This post was originally a compilation of pictures taken during a summer I spent travelling in Tanzania. Many of you come to this post, though, after searching ‘cheap flights to Dar es salaam’, so I have updated this post accordingly. Cheap Flights to Dar es Salaam If you are interested in finding cheap flights to Dar es Salaam, enter your travel route and dates below, and find the best flight deals on the web! Best Time for Cheap Flights to Dar es Salaam Tourism in Tanzania is highly seasonal, and the price of flights to Tanzania reflects this. The best … Continue reading

Mugumu – Serengeti – Arusha Road Trip

Our road trip began on a cold morning in Mugumu, Tanzania, at Giraffe Garden Hotel, where I’d spent the night, having arrived the day before from Mwanza, via Bunda and Butiama (also in Tanzania). After a quick breakfast, my travel mates and I jumped into our cars for the short 40 km ride to the Ikoma gate of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania’s oldest and most popular national park. Our destination was Arusha, where most of my travel companions lived, but the road to Arusha would take us through both the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. As it … Continue reading

Mwanza, Tanzania: 7 Things to Do Around ‘Rock City’

This post is about Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania. Before I get around to giving you some facts about Mwanza city and region, though, here is a short introductory video put together by Tanzania Tourist Board about Mwanza. Enjoy! Fast Facts About Mwanza, Tanzania (Mwanza Region) Mwanza Region is one of Tanzania’s 31 administrative regions. Postcode: 33000 Regional capital: Mwanza city Neighboring regions: Geita (west), Shinyanga (south), Simiyu (east) Lake Victoria borders Mwanza Region to the north. Current regional commissioner: John Mongella Mwanza Region is subdivided into 7 administrative districts: Ilemela, Kwimba, Magu, Misungwi, Nyamagana, Sengerema, Ukerewe. Population … Continue reading

Top 10 Hotel Picks for Arusha & Tweets from a Mwanza Tourism Board Fam Trip

This post was originally a record of tweets I sent out during a familiarization trip organized by Mwanza Tourism Board. The trip began in Mwanza and ended in Arusha, including a drive through the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Since many of you come to this post after Googling “Hotel Arusha”, though, I have updated it to include hotel recommendations for Arusha. According to, the current 10 top hotel picks in Arusha are (I will keep this list updated over time): The 10 Top Hotel Picks for Arusha, Tanzania 1. Dan Stam Hotel, Arusha Located 9.7 km from … Continue reading

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