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Be My Guide to Your East African City #13: Where’s the Best Place to Hear Music?

From my last few posts, you might have begun to think that ChickAboutTown is now a music blog–don’t worry, it isn’t. I f you don’t know the origin of my “Be my Guide to Your East African City" series, then I welcome you to read the very first post of this series (…and tell me your favorite restaurant in your East African city while you are at it! 😉 ). Hopefully, you’ll then realize that I’ve not suddenly become music obsessed; rather, blame the people at RunwayPassport–they’re the reason for all the music-related questions! 🙂 READ ALSO: New Music from … Continue reading

Be My Guide to Your East African City #12: What’s Your Favorite Local Band?

Like many other things I learned from my parents, I learned to enjoy listening to live bands from them too. Listening to Live Music at The Hôtel Ivoire, Abidjan As a child, my parents, my siblings, and I would head out to the Hotel Ivoire Abidjan (find out more about Abidjan’s Hôtel Ivoire and/or book your stay there here) every Friday and/or Saturday night to listen to L’Orchestre Le Best (which I recently found out Lokua Kanza used to sing for! 😯 ) and have a fantastic time. Because we did this so often, in no time, I could sing … Continue reading

Be My Guide to Your East African City # 11: Who are the Best Local Artists?

Whenever anyone makes me a mixed CD, they almost invariably put a lot of neo-soul on it. I guess they figure I’m that kind of sister. I understand where they are coming from. Among other things, I can often be seen rocking African prints and head wraps–but the truth is, although I enjoy neo-soul, I am not a big fan. My seemingly Afro-consciousness which, were I in the West might correctly point to the likelihood that I would be into neo-soul, is simply me authentically being the African woman that I am and that I was raised to be. When … Continue reading

Be My Guide to Your East African City #10: What’s the Best Bargain or Vintage Shopping Place?

So… it seems you didn’t have much to say about clothing stores in your East African city, or maybe you just couldn’t settle on a favorite one. Given that most women (at the very least) enjoy shopping, this should have come as a bit of a surprise to me. Frankly, I wasn’t very surprised though. If you my readers are anything like most of the East African residents that I know in person, then…well, you don’t really do most of your clothes shopping in stores locally. Am I right? READ ALSO: Community Shopping Guide: Menswear, Electronics, and More Like some … Continue reading

Be My Guide to Your East African City #9: What’s the Best Local Secret Place?

There’s nothing quite like discovering a city through the eyes of those who know it best: its residents. Discovering a city this way, you’re likely to learn about the best the city has to offer, including places which may never find their way into guidebooks. For instance, you might discover a particular spot on an out-of-the-way hillside road with an enchanting view of the city nearby, or you could discover a place like the one I mentioned in my Kunduchi Beach Hotel post, which at low tide seems to be the point where the earth meets the ocean meets the … Continue reading

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