Sarit Centre Cinema

Sarit Centre Cinema & Ad Boards at Yaya and Sarit Centre

This post was originally about the ad boards at Yaya Centre and Sarit Centre  (which are incredibly effective, by the way!). If you came to this post looking for information about the Sarit Centre cinema, here’s what you need to know.

Sarit Centre Cinema

For many years, the cinema at Sarit Centre was Fox Cineplex Sarit Centre. Unfortunately, the Fox Cineplex has since closed. Luckily, we can still look forward to having a new cinema at Sarit: Century Cinemax Sarit Centre.

Century Cinemax Sarit Centre will apparently have the largest screen in Kenya.

When Will the New Sarit Centre Cinema Open?

You can expect the new Century Cinemax Sarit Centre to open in April 2020.

A while back, during a certain transition in my life, I realized that I needed to sell a number of household items—fast!

I had moved many times in my life before and was skilled at separating what I needed to keep from what I needed to let go, but the difference this time was that, inspired by a friend of mine (the one mentioned in the Nail Buffing post), I had decided to sell most of what I needed to let go. Rather than just give it away, which is what I had done previously, I decided to, among other things, place message board ads at Yaya and Sarit Centres.

The Backstory

With under two weeks to complete my transition, I was in a bit of a panic.

Still, because I know panic accomplishes nothing in and of itself, I decided to calm down, come up with a plan, and then do my best to follow through with that plan within the allocated time.

My plan was as follows:

    1. Determine what items I was going to sell.
    2. Design a flyer enumerating these items as well as the price I was asking for each of them.
    3. Send this to all my friends and acquaintances by email asking them to forward it to as many people as possible.
    4. Put up message board ads on the Sarit Centre and Yaya Centre message boards just in case some of the items would not be bought by my own personal network.
    5. Hold an open-house sale the following weekend.

I wasn’t sure that my plan would work. Still, inspired by what my friend had done during her most recent move, I focused on working my plan and kept my fingers crossed.

Placing the Message Board Ads

At the time, I was sure my personal network of friends would yield the greatest results. I, therefore, decided to deal with that first.

Somehow, though, this took me longer than expected.

This is how I didn’t get around to putting up my message board ads at Yaya and Sarit until the Friday before my planned open-house sale.

At Yaya Centre, I was told that my message board ad would not be put up until after the weekend due to a shortage of space.

After a lot of begging, smiling, and cajoling, the officer accepted to put up my message board ad early the following day.

He charged me 300 Ksh, the standard price for having my A4 poster up for a week.

At Sarit, I had a little better luck. My message board ad went up immediately at a cost of 200 Ksh for a week’s worth of space.

The Effect of the Ads

With that done, all I could do was wait.

I headed home to enjoy a relaxing Friday preparing for a weekend that would be filled with a flurry of activity.

As I was driving home, my phone rang a couple of times.

Since it was the end of the workday on Friday, I just assumed it was friends calling to organize a Friday night hang.

There, I was wrong.

My Phone Starts Lighting Up

I found several messages from people I didn’t know who had seen my poster on the message boards at Sarit. They wanted to come over to see the stuff I had for sale.

And so it went for the next two weeks!

The whole weekend, my phone continued ringing incessantly for the same reason.

On Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I found 13 missed calls from having my phone on silent overnight.

Again, it was no one I knew. Instead, it was people who had seen my ads. They all wanted to come over to see what I had for sale.

The response was amazing!

On Monday morning, all but three of the items I was selling were no longer in my possession. That’s particularly remarkable because, I was selling many, many things.

This was only possible because of the traffic I got from the Yaya and Sarit Centre message board ads.

The personal network that I was depending on so highly only yielded two buyers. Thank God for a back-up plan!

It was astounding!

I had no clue what kind of reach these boards had.

Although I knew they were located in areas which had a lot of physical traffic, I never imagined how many people actually stopped to read them and follow through on the information they got from them.

I wish I had known this earlier!

If you, like me, are ever in need of spreading the word about something very quickly in Nairobi, you might find placing a message board ad at Yaya and Sarit Centre an inexpensive and effective tool.

If you didn’t know this before, now you know.

Until the next time,

Photo Credits: Scooper

8 thoughts on “Sarit Centre Cinema & Ad Boards at Yaya and Sarit Centre”

Hi Biche.

I wish I’d say the same. I’ve had just about the opposite experience when I sold my previous car in both these boards. Maybe its just me or my old car, but most folks who were interested in it wasted my time and some never showed up after txt-ing me to call them up. Speaking of which, I plan on selling the car I am driving now, a Nissan N16 I bought in 2002 from DT. Dobie and don’t really feel up to posting it in both Yaya and Sarit.

PS: Do you happen to know a Hungarian, or someone who speaks the language, preferably a native. Let me know.

Thanks and pleasant day.

Hi Pseudo Intellectual,

It’s funny. I have had a similiar experience trying to sell a car on the boards. I just thought the issue was that my car was old and a left hand drive. I guess not. How did you end up selling your previous car?

Anyone who speaks Hungarian? Nope, not off the top of my head. Sorry, I can’t help you there.


I sold it to be friend who milked me knowing that I was traveling out of the country and took his own damned time to wire the money over.

On the Hungarian issue, lets just say it has reached a point of desperation as I really need to get hold of a local to translate a contract document for me. Their local chancery wouldn’t help either.

What about spanish? Hablas

Hi Pseudo Intellectual,

No luck on Spanish either. Now if you were looking for someone to translate to French, that would be a whole other story! 🙂

Thanks for sharing about how you managed to get rid of your last car. I should have sold to a friend when I had a chance to. I just kept thinking I could sell it for more money. Drat!


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Hi Watchmegodude,

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