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An Ode to Equity Bank

Many years ago, I wrote a post entitled “Bank Woes: Does Your Bank Make You Smile?" As you can probably infer from the post’s title, it wasn’t a result of positive banking experiences. Rather, it was inspired by negative ones at an institution I used to bank with at the time called Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). This post, on the other hand, despite its dealing with the same subject, banking, is about how happy I am with one of my current banks: Equity Bank. The experiences I mention in this post specifically have to do with Equity Bank Tanzania, Equity Bank Uganda, … Continue reading

Bank Woes: Does Your Bank Make You Smile?

Today, I have a number of banking transactions to perform. Most of these are to be performed on a couple of accounts I hold with Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, while one of these transactions is to be performed on an account I hold with Kenya Commercial Bank. Despite the disparity in number (and complexity) of the transactions that I have to perform at each bank today, I can safely say that the one transaction to be performed at Kenya Commercial Bank—despite it being a very minor transaction—will probably take more than twice the amount of time (and hassle) than the plural transactions … Continue reading

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