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Community Shopping Guide: Menswear, Electronics, and More

In my last online shopping related post, I shared some of the most popular items that my readers bought on Amazon through my blog at that time. Today, in an effort to be more inclusive for my readers who don’t live in countries with Amazon storefronts, I present you a similar list, though this time also including products bought from Jumia, an African online store  for which I have been an affiliate for a little over a month. This post features menswear, electronics, and some other stuff…you’ll see. Enjoy! No. 1: Tobacco Men’s Derby Shoes (Menswear) In case you are wondering … Continue reading

Roots TV Series

In my before last post, I told you about a new Roots miniseries (a remake of the 1977 Roots TV series) that will premiere on HISTORY® this May/June—depending on where you are watching from. Let me tell you a little more about it today. The new star-studded Roots premieres on television this May/June. It will first air on May 30 (Memorial Day) in the United States and June 15 for most other viewers. Some of the series’ filming took place in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. This dramatic, historical portrait of American slavery, recounting the journey of one family and their will to survive and ultimately carry on … Continue reading

HISTORY® Channel to Air a New Roots Miniseries

Does the name Kunta Kinte mean anything to you? How about this scene: “Your name is Toby. I want to hear you say it!….What’s your name? Kunta…Kunta Kinte.", as a whip comes down hard on a young black man’s back? If you are around my age or older, you’ll probably easily recall this poignant scene from the 1977 Roots Miniseries (no, I was not yet born in 1977 but I grew up in Africa so we got American movies and TV shows 10 years late). As one of my favorite bloggers reminded me recently in a post about Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade, … Continue reading

Lindsey Atz, Storage Wars: Miami, and Shows on HISTORY®TV

This post is about shows airing on HISTORY®. I am sure you won’t want to miss catching Lindsey Atz on Storage Wars: Miami. We probably all spend a lot more time watching TV than we’d like to, so how about we just stop pretending? Instead, let’s embrace our TV-watching selves and openly look forward to TV programming that we are likely to enjoy! If you are a history lover like me and often find yourself watching one show after another on HISTORY®, then you are in for a real treat this May as the channel adds new programs such as Black Sails … Continue reading

Barbarians (Miniseries): Rome Didn’t Fall in a Day

Are you looking for more information on the Barbarians (miniseries)? If so, you are in the right place. For the Barbarians Rising trailer, click here to jump right to it, otherwise read on to learn more. Do you love Greco-Roman history? Are you one of those people who enjoys epic Greco-Roman movies like 300 and Alexander? If you do, and have access to History®, then you are in for a great treat this year because History® has commissioned an 8-part docu-drama chronicling the 700-year struggle to bring about the fall of the Roman Empire and will be airing it this year. The … Continue reading

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