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Del Monte Juices

If you came to this post searching for “Delmonte juice flavours Kenya”, then you are in the right place. Here, I talk about what I love so much about Del Monte juice and discuss some of the flavours available here in East Africa. When I was growing up, the breakfast table at my parents’ home always included a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice. Breakfast was never complete without it! Somehow, when they moved to Kenya, during my teen years, that habit came to an end. Instead, at breakfast, my parents chose to serve orange juice out of a packet. … Continue reading

Absolute Juice, Nairobi

Absolute Juice 2nd Floor Yaya Centre Tel: +254-20-201037 Update: Absolute Juice can now be found at the Food Loft on Yaya Centre’s 2nd floor. Aren’t you guys really impressed with how Yaya Centre is reinventing itself? Frankly, I am. Every time I go to Yaya, there’s something new to see and contemplate. I was recently surprised to see that Yaya Centre even has its very own Java. I am not sure how Dormans and Java manage to coexist so close to each other, but that’s for them to worry about while I get the pleasure of enjoying both coffee … Continue reading

U-Fresh Juice & Fresh ‘n’ Juici

This post is about two brands of juices available on the East African market: U-Fresh Juice and Fresh ‘n’ Juici. U-Fresh Juice U-Fresh Juice is a juice product produced by a Chinese-owned company. The juice is available in over 10 African countries including Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, and Mali. The U-Fresh Controversy The controversy about U-Fresh juice began in December 2014, when the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (TBS) shut down a local juice factory belonging to U-Fresh Food Limited for producing substandard products. Specifically, TBS cited that U-Fresh Food Ltd. failed to observe hygiene standards. Furthermore, their juices contain super sugar, … Continue reading

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