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Del Monte Juices

When I was growing up, the breakfast table at my parents’ home always included a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice. Breakfast was never complete without it! Somehow, when they moved to Kenya, during my teen years, that habit came to an end. Instead, at breakfast, my parents chose to serve orange juice out of a packet. Still, they tried to make sure that the fruit juice we drank was as healthy as possible. My father was particularly adamant that the juice he bought had no added sugar. This is how I first learned about Del monte juice. See some Del Monte … Continue reading Del Monte Juices

Absolute Juice, Nairobi

Absolute Juice 2nd Floor Yaya Centre Tel: +254-20-201037 Update: Absolute Juice can now be found at the Food Loft on Yaya Centre’s 2nd floor. Aren’t you guys really impressed with how Yaya Centre is reinventing itself? Frankly, I am. Every time I go to Yaya, there’s something new to see and contemplate. I was recently surprised to see that Yaya Centre even has its very own Java. I am not sure how Dormans and Java manage to coexist so close to each other, but that’s for them to worry about while I get the pleasure of enjoying both coffee … Continue reading Absolute Juice, Nairobi

Fresh ‘n’ Juici

While I was shopping recently, I noticed something new at Nakumatt Prestige. In a corner near the fresh foods area and the butchery, I saw a stall advertising ‘Fresh ‘n’ Juici’ juices. More out of curiosity than anything else, I stopped by to taste some of the juice samples offered. I tasted mango juice, passion juice, pineapple juice, tree tomato juice, and a number of juice cocktails. Each juice I tasted was fantastic. The juices were truly fresh as though they were made from only the sweetest, ripest fruit! The choice of juices was wide and the cocktails served were … Continue reading Fresh ‘n’ Juici