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40 “Summer” Photos Taken in Tanzania

This post contains pictures taken during a summer spent travelling in Tanzania. Since many of you come to this post searching for ‘Tanzania city pictures’. Let me begin with those. Tanzania City Pictures Do not be fooled that the pictures below are not of a city in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, is right on the shores of the Indian Ocean and has both amazing beaches and amazing views of the ocean. Nos. 40 & 39: A Blissful Sunday at Amani Beach, Dar es Salaam Time for a delightful nap after lunch…and what beautiful rest it was! Go … Continue reading

Ryan’s Bay Hotel & 3 Other Fantastic Places to Stay in Mwanza, Tanzania

Did you come to this post looking for information about Ryans Bay Hotel Mwanza or recommendations for other places to stay in Mwanza, Tanzania? If so, you are in the right place. Let’s get right to it. When you think of the Tanzanian city of Mwanza, what comes to mind? Do you think of the fact that Mwanza is Tanzania’s second largest city? Or, perhaps, do you think of fishing and fisheries, the economic sector that Mwanza is known for? Personally, I think of a peaceful, scenic, lovely city on the shores of Lake Victoria with wonderful rock formations because … Continue reading

Onomo Hotels & Other Fantastic Places to Stay Across 12 African Cities/Towns

This post is about Onomo Hotels, an African hospitality chain, as well as great places to stay across 12 locales in Africa. Let’s get right to it. ONOMO Hotel Dar es Salaam Onomo Hotel Dar es Salaam Contact You can reach the Onomo Hotel Dar es Salaam on the following numbers: +255-22-2343434 and +255-22-2333433 ONOMO Hotel Dar es Salaam is a new Dar es Salaam hotel that was formerly the Ramada Encore Dar es Salaam (also a relatively new but short-lived hotel). Located on Ghana Street, in downtown Dar es Salaam, ONOMO Hotel Dar es Salaam is part of the … Continue reading

Astonishing 1-Day Road Trip from Mugumu, Serengeti to Arusha

This post is about the first time I visited the Serengeti National Park on a one-day drive between Mugumu Serengeti and Arusha. Before I begin telling you about the trip, let me tell you a bit about the town where it began. What is Mugumu Serengeti? Mugumu Serengeti is a town in the Mara Region of Northern Tanzania. Mugumu is the administrative seat of Serengeti District in Mara. Because Mugumu Serengeti is only 40 km from the Ikoma gate of the Serengeti National Park, Mugumu is often used as a base from which to visit the Serengeti. Our road trip … Continue reading

Mwanza, Tanzania: Flights, Vacation Packages, Accommodation & More

Will you be travelling to Mwanza soon and are interested in putting together the details of your trip? For instance, are you interested in finding great deals on flights to Mwanza? If so, enter your intended travel dates in the form above and find some amazing deals. What Airport Do Flights to Mwanza Tanzania Fly Into? The city of Mwanza is served by Mwanza International Airport (airport code: MWZ). Popular Flights to Mwanza Airlines That Operate Passenger Flights to Mwanza Airport The following airlines operate passenger flights to Mwanza Airport: Precision Air Air Tanzania Coastal Aviation, and Auric Air Mwanza … Continue reading

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