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Water, Hotels, and Sunset: 39 East African Photos

It’s been almost 3 months since I last shared the best of my Instagram feed with you, so that’s what I am going to do today. The pictures you’ll find in this list include, as always, pictures taken near water bodies (what can I say? I am Pisces), at hotels, and at the magical time of sunset. You’ll also find some aerial photography: pictures taken from tall buildings or from the plane. I am pleased to share that the very best of these photographs—or at least the ones my followers liked most on Instagram—are of my hometown, Bukoba. You’ll find … Continue reading

What to Do in Gaborone

Two months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Botswana for the first time. Not the Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park (the big safari destinations in Botswana) but rather the capital of Botswana, Gaborone. I was very busy right before the trip, so I didn’t get to do much more than a perfunctory online search of what there was to do in Gaborone (which yielded very sketchy information), but I tried not to worry about it, sure that I’d figure it out once my trip began. On the appointed day, I hopped onto a Fastjet flight to Johannesburg (I would connect to Gaborone … Continue reading

Mombasa Marine Park & Reserve: What You Can Expect to See There

The Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is a marine park and national reserve located in Mombasa, Kenya. It is a short, easy boat ride from Mombasa’s main tourist areas and is popular for snorkeling and diving. Mombasa Marine Park is the most heavily visited of Kenya’s marine parks. Read more about my experience of getting to and visiting Mombasa Marine Park courtesy of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). This post includes a video I took while feeding fish in the Park. We left the KWS Kisite Marine Park office, in Shimoni, full of excitement about what the day held in store for … Continue reading

Mlimani City Cinema & A Guide to What Else You Can Find at Mlimani City Mall

Mlimani City (Cinema, stores, and more) Sam Nujoma Rd. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania According to the plaque at its main entrance, Dar es Salaam’s Mlimani City Mall turned 3 years old last Saturday. Happy Belated Birthday, Mlimani City—this one is for you! Mlimani City was Dar es Salaam‘s first real mall. Housed all on one floor, Mlimani City Mall is smaller than many other malls found in neighboring countries, such as The Village Market in Kenya or Garden City in Uganda, but still, this mall packs a punch! Let me give you an idea of what you can find at Mlimani … Continue reading

Mr Price Kenya, Mr Pice Mlimani City / Mr Price Dar Es Salaam & What You Can Expect to Find There

If you chanced upon this post looking for the Mr Price Kenya catalogue, you can find out more about that here. Otherwise, read on to find out more about Mr Price across East Africa. I can still remember the day when I first became aware of the existence of Mr Price Kenya. The year was 2007. I was driving along Ngong Road in Nairobi near Prestige Plaza. I looked up to see a huge banner announcing the opening of a home furnishing store called Mr Price Home at the Westgate Centre in Westlands. I found the idea of a home … Continue reading

Nakumatt Ukay & 24 Hour Supermarkets in East Africa

Here is a list of 24-hour Nakumatt Supermarket stores across East Africa. (Nakumatt Prestige which was one of Nakumatt’s first 24-hour stores is now no longer open around the clock. See Nakumatt Prestige’s new opening hours in the next section.) Nakumatt Supermarket 24-Hour Branches Kenya Nairobi Mega Ukay Moi Avenue Nakumatt Prestige used to open 24 hours a day but now opens 8:00 am-10:00 pm (Mondays-Saturdays) and 8:30 am-10:00pm. (Sundays and public holidays) Eldoret HouseHold Kisumu Nyanza Mombasa Cinemax Uganda Kampala Oasis Bugolobi Rwanda Kigali City Centre Nakumatt Ukay Becomes East Africa’s First 24-Hour Supermarket It’s been over 8 years since … Continue reading

Yaya Centre – Y go anywhere else?

Yaya Centre Argwings Kodhek Rd., Kilimani Tel: +254 (20) 2713360/1 Email: When I first saw Yaya Centre‘s new slogan a couple of years ago, I thought: How pompous! No, there really is reason to go elsewhere. That was back when the revamping of Yaya Centre had just begun, and Yaya’s greatest claim to fame, at the time, was that it had been one of Nairobi‘s first shopping malls. A couple of years later, I see where Yaya Centre was coming from with its slogan – Y go anywhere else?. I guess the management at Yaya Centre already knew what Yaya was about … Continue reading