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Flights From Johannesburg to Zanzibar & Africa’s 100 Most Influential Women

This post was originally about the 100 most influential women in Africa, but since many of you come to this post while searching “flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar“, I decided to update this page to include information about that too. Flights From Johannesburg to Zanzibar Several airlines operate flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar including Mango, which has a direct flight. If you are interested in finding great deals on flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar, enter your travel details below, and see what is available through Travelstart, Africa’s premier online travel agency. Travelstart Other airlines which fly between Johannesburg and … Continue reading

Yemi Alade – ‘Na Gode’ (Swahili Version) with Lyrics

This post is about the Swahili version of Yemi Alade’s song Na Gode. If you came to this post looking for the song’s lyrics, here are the Yemi Alade Na Gode Swahili Lyrics Yemi Alade Na Gode Swahili Lyrics Ee oo oo o o Papa asante, kweli we ni mungu Yemi Alade! Ai! Papa asante, kweli we ni mungu Kama una-hustle lazima utulie Ujivunie, ubangaize ee Baada ya kazi lazima utakite Uburudike, jiachilie ee e Ila usisahau oo o, si kwa nguvu zako Sema asante, kweli ye ni mungu Tena si ya hatia oo o, spending your money Sema asante, kweli ye … Continue reading

Zanzibar International Film Festival: Official Selection

Five years ago, I had the pleasure of attending the 15th edition of the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). Although I enjoy films, I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy an event that consisted of movies, night after night. I should have known better. I had a great time! Not only were the movies deep and engaging, but there were also musical performances and a slew of other activities to offer enough variety. If you will be in Zanzibar this July and are looking for interesting things to do there, ZIFF might be just what you are looking for. The selection … Continue reading

5 Best Beaches in East Africa

Think of a ‘paradise vacation’, and almost inevitably a blissful image of a sun-drenched beach will spring to mind. Few things could be better than wandering along a sandy shore fringed with gentle turquoise wavelets while the sun bathes you from a deep blue sky. Or gazing out over the might of the Ocean from the safety of the soft sands. Or even just lying back, closing your eyes, and letting the sun’s warmth and the sound of the waves wash over you. It’s even said by those in the know that visiting a beach can bring considerable health benefits with it. Visitors … Continue reading

Shammah Hotel

Shammah Hotel 30 Bd. De L’UPRONA Bujumbura, Burundi Tel: +257-22275760/22223659/29551846 Email: [email protected] When I first started this blog, my goal was to provide information about living and lifestyle for the whole East African region. At the time, East Africa was made up of three countries—Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda—all of which I felt I knew relatively well. Then, Rwanda and Burundi became a part of the East African Community. Although I had been to Rwanda before, I had never set foot in Burundi. Still, my heart was set on dealing with East Africa as a region. I realized: I would have … Continue reading

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