Adventuring Around Tanzania & More

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22 Photos of East & Southern Africa

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Cantine Divino Menu & More

Cantine Divino Menu/Divino Restaurant Menu/Divino Restaurant Kampala Menu/Cantina Divino Kampala Cantine Divino is an Italian restaurant and deli shop located at Plot 4A Mabua Road in Kololo, Kampala, a sister establishment to Mediterraneo Restaurant and Villa Kololo Hotel. I have been going to Cantine Divino for years, from the time where all it served was… Continue reading Cantine Divino Menu & More

Fair View Guest House & More

Fair View Guest House, Fort Portal, Uganda

Fair View Guest House/Fairview Guest House There are a couple of hospitality establishments in Uganda named Fair View including one in Fort Portal, Fairview Guesthouse, and another in Naguru, Kampala: Naguru Hill Fairview Guesthouse. Fairview Guesthouse, Fort Portal Fair View Guest House is a bed & breakfast located on Toro Road in Fort Portal. It… Continue reading Fair View Guest House & More