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East African Honey Instagram Pictures & Lots More!

The second half of this year has seen me doing my share of travelling. First it was to Northern Tanzania, then Uganda, Rwanda, and now back to Uganda again. My Instagram gallery has been mirroring a similar route, though also including destinations such as Nairobi and Mikumi National Park. I’ve had lots of fun sharing these pics with my followers on Instagram, and since I know that many of you, who read this blog, are not active Instagram users, I thought I’d share the best of those pictures with you here. I hope you like them. Please be sure to let … Continue reading

48 Pictures of Good Eats, Cityscapes & Water Environments in East Africa

Every now and then, I share pictures of East Africa with you in a post. That is what I would like to do today! What can you expect to find in this set of pictures? Lots of food photos, some skylines, water environments, of course, because I love hanging out near water and, unusually, quite a few photos of me. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, sorry for the repetition: I promise I am only sharing the best of my Instagram gallery, though. I hope you like them. Without further ado, here goes… Pictures of East Africa No. … Continue reading

Uber in Johannesburg & Dar es Salaam

This post is about Uber in several locales in Africa: Uber Johannesburg and Uber in Dar es Salaam. Uber Johannesburg Uber in Johannesburg – Prices As I mentioned in this post, Johannesburg and Pretoria are served by 5 main types of Uber service: Uber X, Uber Black, Uber Van, Uber Assist, and Uber X VIP. Here’s a short description of how these services are different and how many passengers the cars for each service can carry: UberX – affordable everyday rides (max: 4 people) Uber Black – premium rides in luxury cars (max: 4 people) Van – rides for groups of … Continue reading

6 Hotel Recommendations for Kampala, Uganda

This year I will be spending the end-of-year season in Kampala, Uganda, for among other reasons, my “baby” brother is getting married! I can’t wait. I haven’t been to Kampala in close to a year, and frankly, I was beginning to feel a little “home”-sick! So, today, let’s talk a bit about where to stay when you are visiting Kampala. Here are some hotel recommendations for you. 6 Great Hotel Recommendations for Kampala, Uganda Kampala Hotel Recommendations #1: Emin Pasha Hotel The Emin Pasha Hotel is a beautiful, luxury boutique hotel nestled in the upscale residential area of Nakasero (close to the … Continue reading

Mr Price Garden City & Mr Price Home Kenya Instagram Account

Did you come to this post looking for more information on Mr Price Garden City or the Mr Price Home Kenya Instagram account? If so, here you go! Mr Price Garden City Mr Price Kenya has a branch on the 1st floor of Garden City Mall, on Thika Road. READ ALSO: 48 Pictures of Good Eats, Cityscapes & Water Environments in East Africa Mrp Garden City Opening Hours Mr Price Kenya Garden City opens every day from 10 am to 7:30 pm, including Sundays and public holidays. READ ALSO: 8 Kenya Railway Museum Photos & More From Elsewhere in East Africa … Continue reading

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