Tips & Tricks for Your Next Visit to Ngorongoro

Are you interested in visiting the Ngorongoro Crater and/or the Ngorongoro Conservation Area soon? If so, here is a bit that I can tell you about that. Ngorongoro Conservation Area Vacations Packages/Ngorongoro Travel Packages Most people, especially if they don’t live in East Africa, book their entire trip to Ngorongoro through a tour operator. The prices for these packages can vary greatly. Browse through some Ngorongoro Conservation Area vacation packages here. What will remain the same no matter how you get to Ngorongoro, though, is what you will pay the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority for access to the Conservation Area … Continue reading

East African Honey Instagram Pictures & Lots More!

The second half of this year has seen me doing my share of travelling. First it was to Northern Tanzania, then Uganda, Rwanda, and now back to Uganda again. My Instagram gallery has been mirroring a similar route, though also including destinations such as Nairobi and Mikumi National Park. I’ve had lots of fun sharing these pics with my followers on Instagram, and since I know that many of you, who read this blog, are not active Instagram users, I thought I’d share the best of those pictures with you here. I hope you like them. Please be sure to let … Continue reading

Paroles Sousou par Jul

Venez vous de cherchez ‘JuL Sousou’ sur Google? Si oui, vous êtes bel et bien arrivés au bon endroit. Dans ce billet, vous trouverez les paroles de la chanson suivis par son clip officiel. En suite, vous trouverez un vidéo karaoké pour que vous aussi vous pouvez tentez votre chance à chanter aussi vite que JuL. Bonne chance! 🙂 Jul Sousou Paroles Ah, faut les sousous, m’fais pas la bise, t’es une poupou, yeah J’fais gaffe par là, ça écoute tout et mon bébé veut des poutous Ah, j’suis son chouchou, j’ai mis d’la salade dans l’pétou, yeah Moi, nan, … Continue reading

48 Pictures of Good Eats, Cityscapes & Water Environments in East Africa

Every now and then, I share pictures with you in a post. That is what I would like to do today! What can you expect to find in this set of pictures? Lots of food photos, some skylines, water environments, of course, because I love hanging out near water and, unusually, quite a few photos of me. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, sorry for the repetition: I promise I am only sharing the best of my Instagram gallery, though. I hope you like them. Without further ado, here goes… No. 48: Crafts at the Ndere Centre in … Continue reading

8 Kenya Railway Museum Photos & More from Elsewhere in East Africa

Are you interested in knowing what there is to see at the Kenya Railway Museum? I visited it for the first time after living in Nairobi for years and had a great time there. Here are some photos taken during my visit there, as well as some other photos taken while travelling in East Africa. Photos from the Kenya Railway Museum A Tortoise Calculator at the Kenya Railway Museum A mid-20th-century Facit electro-mechanical calculator housed at the Kenya Railway Museum in Nairobi. This Swedish-made calculator could multiply a 9-digit number by an 8-digit number and give a 13-digit answer. It … Continue reading