40 “Summer” Photos Taken in Tanzania

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere coincides with peak travel season in Tanzania. This “summer"—I put that in quotes because it wasn’t actually summer in Tanzania but rather some of our cooler months—I did my fair share of traveling and exploration because my brother was visiting from the U.S., and I wanted to show him all the best that the country had to offer. We discovered some beautiful places in Dar es Salaam where I live—you will see many pictures of the Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam Amani Beach in this post—but we also took a 3-week road trip that took … Continue reading

Uber in Johannesburg & Dar es Salaam

This post is about Uber in several locales in Africa: Uber in Johannesburg and Uber in Dar es Salaam. For Uber in each of these locales, simply click the link to jump to the relevant section: Uber Taxi Johannesburg Prices As I mentioned in this post, Johannesburg and Pretoria are served by 5 main types of Uber service: Uber X, Uber Black, Uber Van, Uber Assist, and Uber X VIP. Here’s a short description of how these services are different and how many passengers the cars for each service can carry: UberX – affordable everyday rides (max: 4 people) Uber Black … Continue reading

Musings on Fragrance

This post was originally about buying perfume in Nairobi at shops in the city such as Scents Kenya. It has since morphed into a post about fragrance in general, e.g., Acqua di Gio, the Armani perfume, and Versace Eros, a Versace perfume for men. Since many of you come to this post searching for ‘Versace perfume‘ and ‘Armani perfume’, I will tell you about that next. Versace Perfume & Armani Perfume (e.g., Acqua di Gio) Popular Versace Perfume Products Here are some of the current most popular Versace perfume products on Amazon. Click each image, or the caption below it, … Continue reading

Mahambi Market, a New Online Peer-to-Peer Thrift Marketplace Launches in 2020

I get excited every time I learn of a new (East) African digital space that facilitates everyday (East) Africans to do something they regularly do offline more easily online. This is just the kind of digital space I’d like to tell you about today. I won’t take up too much time setting it up. Just keep reading to to find out what I am talking about. Mahambi Market is an online peer-to-peer thrift marketplace where Kenyans can open ‘digital shops’ in minutes and sell their clothing items from anywhere, any time. Launched on September 5, 2020 in Kenya , Mahambi … Continue reading

Bearded Men’s Fashion: How to Dress for Your Beard Style

This post is about how to dress when you’ve got a beard. In other words, what are the best clothes for bearded guys? For the better part of 2020 & 2021, in many parts of the world, men haven’t been able to go to the barbershop to groom their facial hair as usual. For many men, this is the first time they’ve had this much facial hair in years! As the world comes in-and-out of COVID-19 lockdowns, I am sure that many men are asking themselves: should they keep their newfound facial hair or get rid of it? As a … Continue reading