Hi. I’m Biche (pronounced /Bish/). I love good things, and I love sharing the good things I discover with people around me.

I am part Tanzanian, part Ugandan and currently live in Dar es Salaam.

I grew up in the Côte d’Ivoire, went to university in Canada, and also lived in the US for a while.

I moved back to East Africa—to Kenya to be precise—19 years ago but, sadly, had a hard time adapting to life in Nairobi.

For some reason, it took me a long time to discover all the great things that Nairobi had to offer, and a lot to offer it sure did!

That’s why I started this blog.

On this site, I hope to share information to help make your stay in East Africa as pleasant as possible.

I will tell you about places to visit, restaurants to eat at, where to shop, services to subscribe to, great events, and generally discuss things that I find interesting as I continue to live in this part of the world (or anywhere else I might be).

In the past 19 years, I’ve lived in three of the six countries that make up the East African CommunityKenya, Uganda, and Tanzania–while visiting two others, Rwanda and Burundi, on occasion. I have yet to visit South Sudan but look forward to doing so soon.

Without a doubt, I can wholeheartedly say: I’ve come to love East Africa!

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I’ve got to warn you: I like to go out, so many posts on this blog will be about places to go to or hang out at.

Also, I love life to be as simple as possible, so I will tell you about products and services that make my life easier and simpler.

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My disclaimer: this site only tells you about the experience of one person.

More specifically, it tells you about the experience of a female, single, (ex-) professional who loves the finer things in life.

I hope what I share with you will make your life richer and more interesting.

Welcome or, as we say in Swahili, karibu!


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  1. love your site Biche. interesting.
    would love to hear more about how to go about finding what you want in the EA cities. i might not want to eat but maybe see museums, art and crafts places, how to i go about that, where can i go or where can i find a site, a newsletter, brochure, etc…
    good job Biche. keep it up and i am sure you will do all of us a huge favour… makes it easier to enjoy these cities too.
    will def be a regular visitor to this site.. is there a way i can subscirbe myself so i can a “blink blink”in my inbox whenever you have update this.?

  2. Hi PL,

    What a pleasure to see you online at ChickAboutTown. Welcome!

    I will try to make my posts as varied as possible. As I get info, I’ll post info. 🙂

    About subscribing, as soon as I get round the technology, it will definitely be possible. I will be sure to let you know as soon as this is possible.

    Please come back as often as possible. I look forward to hearing what you have to tell us about living like in Dar.



    It happened to us, right in front of our eyes. The bar man was given a 1,000 shilling note for a round of drinks only to return afterwards with half the order and claiming to have been given Ksh 300 only for drinks. The waiter, John, claimed amnesia. He had no recollection of being given a note of Ksh 1,000 but just Ksh .300 only. What a waste, the Manager was in no mood to assist or look into our claim. Despite the fact that we had money to spend, we walked out disappointed since the Manager ignored our complaint and decided he would side with the Waiter when all in the table saw what amount was handed out by my host to buy drinks. Next time be careful when you are there. I’ve been a customer for years but they lost three yesterday and I’m sure they will lose even more. I have one thing to say of George Wambugu the Manager. He is damn useless, and doesn’t have an idea how to run a pub.

  4. Hi Edward,

    First and foremost, welcome to ChickAboutTown! Now about Tropez, sorry to hear about what happened. That definitely spoils the night once it happens. Readers, be warned.

    On a more positive note, want to tell me a bit about Tropez? I’ve always heard of it, but never been. You mention that you were a regular before the incident. What would entice you to go there?


  5. Hi Biche,
    I came across your blog while googling Body and Soul…anyway, I am new to Nairobi and have enjoyed your insights and ideas. Have been here for 3 weeks, knowing only one person. Where do you recommend going to meet people / go out?

  6. Hi Bkk,

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown (and to Nairobi)! This blog is just for people like you!

    I am happy that you have enjoyed my insights and ideas so far, I hope you’ll find a lot more interesting and useful information here.

    To make good recommendations about where to meet people, I’d need to know a little more about you such as age, race, and interests.

    I can totally relate with being in Nairobi and not knowing people. I found Nairobi to be one of the hardest places I’ve ever lived in to make friends and acquaintances because everybody is so wary of each other.

    You can always respond to me here, as a comment, but if you feel uncomfortable about giving me information about yourself so publicly, just send me an email at [email protected].

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  7. GIIIRRLLL! I have got to say I love your blog! I came across it recently looking for…(oh well! I don’t even remember) I love it! Its kinda like Routard, tu sais! C’est bien! I love your info and advice! Quick question though! I just need an opinion…what are some of the reasonably priced places to live in NBI but still have a life??

  8. Hi Abwenje,

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown! (In case you haven’t yet seen my email to you. :-)) I am glad you like my blog. I hope to keep it interesting and relevant.

    I’ve written you email about your question. Get back to me soon.


    P.S. Qu’est-ce que c’est Routard?

  9. Hi Biche, Ive been reading your blog for awhile and I would like to know if you would you be interested in a possible business idea? Please email me in private as I do not want to discuss in the open 🙂

  10. Hi Biche, I tried to post previously but I dont think it worked! I am interested in what you are doing. I would like to know if you would be interested in a possible business idea. Please email me in private, if so, and I will explain further. Thanks! Great job.

  11. Hi ComingHome,

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown! You see: both your comments are now visible. 😉 I’ve sent you email, so we can continue our conversation that way.

    Hope to be seeing more of you on ChickAboutTown.


  12. hi, are comments closed on your blog entries? i wanted to share something about mediterraneo (i had essentially the same experience as you – christmas lunch in 200..um…4, when it was brand new. squid ink pasta. definitely lukewarm and disappointing. but gorgeous!)

  13. Hi Biche… This is a great blog. I don’t even recognize these places you are talking about any more… been out of the country for some years now. What’s the coffee scene in Nairobi like?

  14. hi there,how about you help me get over self esteem issues?you sound like a fun person happy go lucky chic well some of us are nvolved with what we call tough love what to do?life sucks you know sorry to contradict your love life statement but mine…a long story for another day,il kip in touch later!by the way your website is an eye opener great job

  15. Hi Fake Expatriate,

    Nope, comments are still enabled on my blog. Were you having a problem with posting a comment?

    Thanks for sharing your experience at Mediterraneo, Dar-es-Salaam. Did you eat there more than once? How did you find the food on other occasions?


  16. Hi Andai,

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown! How long have you been away from Nairobi? Where in the world are you located?

    The coffee scene in Nairobi – I am not sure what exactly you are asking, but I will do what I can to answer your question. There are quite a few coffee houses in Nairobi with Java and Dorman’s being the biggest names in the coffee house business (I think). There are a lot of small coffee houses too that do a good job of serving all the regular hot and cold tea and coffee beverages that you would expect to find at a coffee house. In my opinion, Java does it best. I am yet to ask for something at Java and be told that they don’t have it.

    Did you want to know something more specific about coffee houses in Nairobi?

    I look forward to seeing more of you around ChickAboutTown! 🙂


  17. Hi Tweety,

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown. Wow! It seems you were having a super bad day on the day you wrote your comment. Has life taken an upturn yet? I hope so for you! 🙂

    Happy-Go-Lucky? I wish. But still I try to keep myself at a happy place for the most part. You mentioned tough love. Can I safely assume that you are in the middle of some serious relationship drama? I won’t try to give you any advice because I am still trying to figure it out for myself too, but allow me to share with you a book that made a huge difference in my own love life. It’s a book called The Surrendered Single written by Laura Doyle. I bought my first copy of this book at the Text Book Centre at Sarit and bought my second copy (hehehehehe…) at the Books First at Nakumatt Ukay. (I think you should be able to get it quite easily in Nairobi). Pick up a copy if you are interested. Get back to me once you’ve read it (you can send me email at [email protected].)! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    I wish you happiness and positive resolution of whatever is bothering.


  18. Hi Biche,

    I found your site today, by chance…

    I think you are doing a good job. I will visit here more often. I guess I identify with and love your stuff cos I am familiar with the stuff and places you talk about…. keep it up!

    I am Kenyan female and living in Nairobi.

  19. Hi Purity,

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

    Thanks for the kudos – I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I hope that despite being a bonafide Nairobian, you still occasionally find something new and interesting to try out here. Please keep commenting and sharing your views on the places and products I write about. I am always interested in hearing my readers’ opinions.


  20. Hi Biche,
    I really enjoy your site and the various insights you have. Am also new back in Nairobi having been in the States for the past seven years and came back seven months ago. One place that I have been to that has really changed – and for the better (!!) is the original Kengele’s at Lavington. The atmosphere and service is really what we remembered Kengele’s originally for, and it has a really easygoing, no hassle, mature crowd that makes girls out evenings a pleasure. I live in Westlands and yet find myself leaving the hype and trauma to go to a place where single women are treated for what they are rather than what some men think they are.
    Take care and keep up the great site,

  21. Hi Cathy,

    Welcome back to Nairobi, and welcome to ChickAboutTown! After 7 years away, how are you finding Nairobi? Has a lot changed? For better or for worse?

    Yeah, Kengele’s Lavington is pretty good stuff. It’s funny that you mention that it’s a great place for a girls’ night out, because that’s what I find myself going there for alot also.

    It’s nice and quiet, though can get heated up a little towards the end of the week. It’s a great place to hang out at, especially if you are in the mood to really catch up with your company.

    Well, I wish you a good resettlement in Nairobi. I hope to see more of you around ChickAboutTown.


  22. Hey Biche, just came across your blog this morning … very nice! Not sure if anyone has mentioned yet, but I thought you should try out Zen Gardens which is an absolutely lovely new place on Lower Kabete Rd, just past the turning for Hill View. It’s got several restaurants and lovely grounds. I highly recommend it. Otherwise, thanks for the great blog .. I’ll certainly be spending some time here.

    1. Hi Chiku,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      Thanks for the kudos and the recommendation of place to try. I think I spotted Zen Gardens way back when, when it was still being built. Is it a new place or has it been around for a while? I will definitely check it out as soon as I have the chance to and let you know what I think.

      I am glad you enjoy my blog. I hope to be seeing more of you around ChickAboutTown.


    1. Asanta sana, Mama.

      Please come back again and again. I love the layout of your blog. Very clean and professional! I am yet to dig into the substance of it, though I definitely will.

      See you both on my and your blog – hopefully.


  23. Hi Biche,
    and more than thank you for your blog.
    I’ll be travelling back to Ghana next week-end and will stop by Nairobi for one night and a day (where I won’t feel lost, thanks to you;)
    I’ll be looking for a nice present for my beautiful girlfriend… Any place you would recommend to find beautiful jewellery or necklace ?
    Thanks a lot, and keep on writting !

    1. Hi Cocacolle,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown! I am so glad that you enjoy my writing – I will definitely keep on writing! 🙂

      I am sorry to respond to you so late; I was caught up traveling myself. For future reference, I would definitely recommend Kazuri, which produces beautiful handmade Kenyan ceramic jewelry that is pretty well-priced.

      So what did you end up doing with your one day and night in Nairobi?


  24. Hi Biche,

    You go girl! I came across your blog today while doing some research on Blanco’s. I live and work in Nairobi but my upbringing reads pretty close to yours (part Kenyan, part Tanzanian, raised in Ethiopia, schooled in the US). Anyway, keep up the good work. Are you living in Kenya now? I work for a women’s magazine in Nairobi and would like to get in touch with you.


    1. Hi Rehema,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      I am glad you enjoy my blog; thanks for the kudos. Was my article on Blanco’s useful to you? I hope so.

      I am currently in Dar es Salaam, not in Nairobi. Still, free to get in touch with me. I just sent you an email telling you more about how to contact me.

      I look forward to hearing more from you.


  25. Hi Biche!

    I’m looking for tips on what to do in Nairobi at the end of june and beginning of july. Can you help me? 🙂

    I’m from Sweden and haven’t been to Kenya before. I’ll be staying there for two weeks together with my parents, my brother and his family, and we haven’t really planned anything yet.

    I would be grateful for tips! 🙂

    1. Hi Carina,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      If I cannot help you entirely, I am sure I can give you a few pointers. Help me to find out a little more, though: What are you interests generally? What kind of things are you interested in doing while you’re in Kenya? How old are you and what are the relative ages of the members of your travel party? That will help to give me ideas about what to suggest to you. In an effort to protect your privacy, feel free to respond to this comment by email. My email address is [email protected]. I look forward to hearing more from you soon.


  26. Hi Biche!

    I will be moving to Nairobi in the spring and was wondering if you could reccommend where I could go for kiswahili lessons?

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      Sorry, I’ve taken so long to get back to you. I don’t know a lot about Swahili classes in Nairobi, but I remember once considering taking Swahili classes (because my Swahili is not very good) at The Anglican Church of Kenya’s Language and Orientation School. I ended up not taking the course because the hours conflicted with my work schedule, but I imagine they would offer a very good Swahili course. Can anyone else help Chelsea further?

      Karibu (‘welcome’ in Kiswahili) Nairobi!


  27. Hey,
    Stumbled upon your blog while trying to get some info on Slims Restaurant. I love your blog and I’ve got it bookmarked! Great stuff!

  28. Guess who’s finally in Dar…Loads of work but looking frward to meeting you for our Dar Alive drnk up…Bisou

    1. Ha ha…welcome to Dar! I just sent you SMS! Did I ever tell you that Dar Alive closed down? You’re out of luck! 🙂 But…there no shortage of places to hang out at. More off this blog. Bienvenue à Dar! 🙂

  29. Hi Biche,

    I need your help on one the assignments i am working on. I want to know the total number of malls in Tanzania. Can you help me with that,

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi Mausam,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown! I’d love to help you if I can. Before I give you an answer, can you clarify what you mean by mall? Would that be shopping centers that designate themselves as malls or just large shopping centers? If that includes large shopping centers, how large do you mean?

      I hope to hear from you soon.


  30. hi Biche, love your blog. I’m from UG, live in Canada, but will be in Nairobi next month for quite sometime. I have never been so it’s going to be quite an experience. Ama definitely keep your blog in my favourites coz it seems like ur the go-to for the nice places to sit, back relax & have a good time in EA. I know i’m all for that :). Keep doing what ur doing…Love it!!!

  31. Hey Biche,

    I love the new look of the site (how new is it? I have not been to the homepage in a while, always just read the individual posts as they come in); clean, elegant, and well laid out, and yet with enough information to give a good idea what the site is about – well done! 🙂

  32. Hi Biche,

    Your site is fantastic. There is a definite lack of great East African lifestyle blogs and I was delighted to find yours. I would like to discuss some opportunities to have you blog about fashion and beauty for the website I’m currently working for. Please contact me as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  33. Very interesting and beautiful blog Biche! I just arrived in Nairobi 6 weeks ago, as a joournalist, and I must say I love your posts! Keep on the writing

  34. Hi Vive, Ashley, and Melissa:

    @Vive – Thanks for the kudos on the new design. Coming from you, it means a lot! 🙂 I think the redesign took place a day or two before you left this comment.

    @Ashley – Thanks, too, for your kudos. We’ve since communicated a lot but I still wanted to acknowledge your comment here! 🙂

    @Melissa – Thanks, Melissa. Welcome to ChickAboutTown. I hope you enjoy your stay in Nairobi!


  35. Hey Chick About Town!

    Great to (re)meet a fellow blogger, and big up on your work. Let’s do a proper coffee and a gossip session when circumstances permit?

    The Mikocheni Reporter

  36. Hi Elsie,

    Thanks for the big up. I am a great fan of your blog too! Coffee some time would be great. I sent you a text message on Friday and am still waiting to hear from you. Holler when you’ve got a moment!

  37. Dearest Biche
    My name is Farida and I came a cross your blog by a higher power. I am impressed and empowered by you and your blog and it means alot to me for it´s existence and I wanted you to know that and thank you. Until next time: Take good care, sincerely yours, Positive Farida

  38. Hi Biche, nice blog. great if you can mail me details of some good pubs where you also get some good food. I stay in Upanga.

  39. Hiya Biche,how interesting your blog is,just found it.I always find it difficult to select on what pubs and restaurants to hang out in Nairobi,on what days and on what occasions,since there are very many magnificent joints.i maybe of an informer to you..Ta!!for your good job.

  40. Hi Mithilesh & Emayan,

    To both of you, I wish a warm welcome to ChickAboutTown.

    Mithilesh, because you used the word pub, the first place that comes to mind is George & Dragaon, the British pub on Haile Selassie Road in Masaki. It’s a great pub with a cool multinational crowd and very good food! Have you ever been?

    Emayan, I am glad you enjoy my blog, please feel free to share any good information you come across as you go about your social life in Nairobi.


  41. Hallo Biche and how lovely to have discovered your blog. As a Kenyan living overseas, I will be living vicariously through your lively jaunts. One to be constantly afflicted by pangs of homesickness (that no one who is not of this land can understand), the photos and stories you share are a comfort that I am happy to have encountered.
    Asante and live well dada!

    1. Hi Machine Gun Meow,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown! I am glad you enjoy my blog (and it’s nice to connect with you on Twitter too). Pole sana for the pangs of homesickness. I hope there might be a chance that they motivate you to come back home soon!

      Thanks for leaving me a comment. I look forward to interacting more with you here!


  42. Hello Biche,
    I’m so happy to have found your blog. I’m writing a novel that will soon require me to travel to Tanzania for research since a lot of the story will take place there. Everything you have to tell me is both helpful and exciting. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Helen,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown! I am glad you like my blog. How interesting to have a writer here. What prompted you to set your novel in Tanzania? I’d love to hear more.


  43. Ah- Biche and anyone else who wants to contribute an opinion-
    What cologne would a handsome, successful man in Tanzania or Kenya wear? I need to know for one of my characters. My character is half Indian and half German but raised in Kenya. He’s an orthopedic surgeon who races cars…

  44. Hello Bishe How doing,
    Its some months now since we met last Time At Dodoma hotel .
    Congratulation for running nice blog aim blogger to as i told.

    I will email you my links soon.


    1. Hi Kwame,

      Welcome to Chick About Town! It’s a pleasure to know that you actually took the time to visit my blog and even leave a comment.

      Yes, please send me a link to your blog. I’d love to check it out some time. 🙂


  45. Hello Biche, I love reading your articles and information about Africa. I intend to visit Ngorongoro soon thanks to your articles.
    Keep up!

    1. Hi Leo,

      Thanks for you comment. Oh, Ngorongoro is not to miss! Are you next door in Kenya?

      I am glad you like my posts. It’s my pleasure to share.


  46. Good day Biche

    I trust you are well? I am writing to you to enquire whether a certain blog piece can be edited please? I need the contact details of – Nunu Ntshingila_Njeke – to please be updated.
    See – I work for an advertising company, Ogilvy SA – and Nunu used to work here too. She has left the company years ago and the contact number on your blog is being used to either contact FB or Nunu. We are inundated with calls and enquiries.

    I wanted to know if her personal contact number can remain, but please remove the two / three company details she has listed?
    Please feel free to contact me on my cell number or email should require more info.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.
    Kindest regards
    Fagmeda Fredericks

    1. Hi Fagmeda,

      First and foremost, welcome to Chick About Town! Sorry that you have been inundated with calls and enquiries. For sure a blog post can be edited. Which numbers exactly belong to Ogilvy SA? Let me know and I will remove them from the page you are referring to.

      Looking forward to hearing back from you again soon,

  47. Hello,

    Hope to find you in good health

    I recently went through your site and was really impressed by the amazing information present there.

    I was wondering if you allow paid guest posts.

    If you do so, please let me know the best price that you would offer per post/Link Insertion keeping in mind long-term upcoming business collaboration.

    Anticipating a positive response from your end.


    1. Hi David,

      Welcome to Chick About Town. Thanks for your interest in buying a guest post on Chick About Town. Let me send you an email about that soon.


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