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How to Make Cadbury Hot Chocolate

If you are interested in buying Cadbury Hot Chocolate, you can buy it online here. Otherwise, read on to learn a neat little trick I found to make your Cadbury Hot Chocolate drink as rich and velvety smooth as possible. When I was in primary school, my older brother and I always looked forward to our afternoon cup of hot chocolate. We’d make it with four cubes of sugar (without my mother’s knowledge) and loved to have it with buttered baguette. That was many, many years ago. Until recently, when I suddenly started drinking a cup of hot chocolate every day, hot … Continue reading

African Tea

I come from a people who are truly committed to their tea drinking. On my mother’s side of the family, every time is tea time. I am sure some of you, my readers, can relate to your mothers being this way too. 🙂 And when I say tea, I don’t mean the wimpy mixture of tea and water served to you at most establishments, where you get to mix the water and tea in your cup as you put together your tea. I mean the potent, fierce stuff that is cooked on a stove and served in flasks that’s to be … Continue reading

Nails: Get Pretty Nails Naturally

Wow! I don’t know what’s going on with my nails, but they are longer, stronger, and prettier than they’ve ever been. I lie. I do know what’s going on with my nails. Like many other things on my body (understand: my hair), I’ve decided to do away with all the fuss and artificiality with which we normally deal with parts of our body that we consider portrayers of beauty. RELATED: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Natural Hair For me, natural is easier and so is the way I choose to go. Honestly, I never intended this to be a statement of any … Continue reading

Lost your Nakumatt Smartcard?

I first signed up for Nakumatt’s customer reward scheme in 2003, when it first came out. I was making a big purchase at Nakumatt Mega, when the cashier asked me whether or not I had a Nakumatt Smartcard. Having no clue as to what he was talking about, he told me that a Nakumatt Smartcard was a card that allowed customers to accumulate points with every purchase made at Nakumatt. These points would then one day be redeemable for awards – sort of the way it’s done in a frequent flyer’s program. At the time, I was not much of … Continue reading

Wine: Do You Know Your Chardonnay from Your Pinot Grigio?

A while back, a friend and I were being lazy about dinner. Instead of cooking, we decided to buy gourmet pizza (from Mediterraneo in Westlands), along with a bottle of wine from On the Run, and head back home to relax and hang out. We were set on having white wine with our pizza, but weren’t familiar with any of the wines that we found at On the Run. Still, we selected a wine based on the description printed on its label and were convinced that we were walking away with a semi-sweet light wine. Boy, were we wrong!

How to Eat Crab (in Public)

A while back, I went to Peppers Restaurant in Westlands to have dinner with a friend. In the mood for something light, I ordered some crab. The menu listed two crab dishes—one where the crab meat had already been removed from its shell and another where the crab was served whole, still in its shell. I debated long and hard about which of these two dishes to order because the whole crab dish seemed more interesting. I wondered, though, if I knew how to eat crab elegantly enough for a formal dining environment. Not one to be easily dissuaded, despite the waiter’s strong recommendation … Continue reading