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Johannesburg – Dar es Salaam with Fastjet

The furthest south I’d ever been in Africa was Tanzania…and it was beginning to irk me! I was born in East Africa and had been living there for the past 12 years; I grew up in West Africa and had traveled there quite a bit; although I had never been to North Africa, I had been to Niger in the Sahel, and that satisfied my curiosity somewhat about North Africa. Southern Africa though? No. Never. (Have you ever been to Gaborone, Botswana? Wonder what there is to do there? Read: Botswana: A Guide to Gaborone, the Capital of Botswana.) I … Continue reading Johannesburg – Dar es Salaam with Fastjet

Kenya Airways: The Pride of Africa

On a random day in February, I was unexpectedly offered the opportunity to visit Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. I had not been to Addis since I was a teen, and frankly, I knew I would have a  great time visiting this historically rich city for more reasons than one (and yes, by that, I am referring to my much-written-about love for Ethiopian food 🙂 ). Once my travel party had confirmed its plans in terms of number of travelers and dates, we quickly set off to make travel arrangements. The obvious airline to use from Dar es Salaam … Continue reading Kenya Airways: The Pride of Africa