Onomo Hotel Durban & Fantastic Places to Stay Across 6 Other Locales

Onomo Hotel Durban
ONOMO Hotel Durban

Onomo Hotel Durban Prices

The room prices at Onomo Hotel Durban vary depending on when you stay. Expect to pay at least US$71, for one person staying in a standard suite or standard queen room, and closer to US$132 if one person sleeps in a suite.

Check the hotel’s website for availability and more specific pricing.

Onomo Hotel Durban, which opened in 2018, is located in the heart of Durban, a 6-minute walk from the beach and a 9-minute walk from Durban International Convention Centre.

The rooms at Onomo Hotel Durban are minimalist and contemporary. Along with a comfortable bed and a bathroom, they each also include a work area.

Other things you will find in the rooms at Onomo Hotel Durban include a flat-screen TV with satellite package, a minibar, a coffeemaker, a kettle, a free in-room electronic safe, bath products, a hairdryer, an iron and ironing board, a telephone with voicemail, unlimited Wi-Fi, air conditioning and an automated wake-up call service.

Onomo Hotel Durban has two restaurants where guests can have meals: Ingwe Terrace, which looks out over the swimming pool, and the rooftop Topaz Restaurant & Skybar.

The food at Onomo Hotel Durban is good and the breakfast is something many of its guests rave about.

Onomo Hotel Kampala

Onomo Hotel Kampala Contact & Onomo Hotel Kampala Email Address

Onomo Hotel Kampala is located at 18A Akii Bua Road in Nakasero (a few doors down from Nakasero Hospital), not far from Emin Pasha Hotel.

You can contact the hotel by email at the following email address: [email protected].

The telephone numbers for Onomo Hotel Kampala are +256-205-000715 or +256-740-910561(both calls and Whatsapp).

Onomo Hotel Kampala

Onomo Hotel Kampala is a new entrant on the Kampala hospitality scene, having only been opened in 2021 and is quite a beauty!

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Onomo Hotel Durban Email Address (Www.onomohotel.com Contact Email)

The email address of Onomo Hotel Durban is [email protected].

Onomo Hotel Kampala Menu Prices/Onomo Hotel Kampala Restaurant Menu

If you came to this post looking for the menu of Saba, the restaurant at the new Onomo Hotel Kampala, here it is below. You can click anywhere on the menu to expand it. 

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Onomo Hotel Menu Prices

Food menu at Onomo Hotel Kampala

Drinks Menu at Onomo Hotel Kampala

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Onomo Hotels: Onomo Hotel Durban

The pool at Onomo Hotels in Durban (Onomo hotel Durban Prices)

Onomo Hotel Kigali

The view of Kigali from Onomo Hotel

Onomo Hotel Kigali Contact

Onomo Hotel Kigali is located on KN1 Avenue in Nyarugenge. You can reach them by telephone on +250-252-554700

One of Kigali’s newest hotel offerings, Onomo Hotel Kigali, is part of an African chain of hotels with a presence in 14 other countries across the continent including Tanzania and Uganda in East Africa.

Onomo’s mission is to combine contemporary comfort with the African art of living. This they’ve done at their Kigali hotel too.

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Onomo Hotel Kigali is a modern, functional hotel located in Nyarugenge, near the American embassy, and not far from the city center.

Onomo Hotel Kigali prides itself on the priority it places on security, as well as its complimentary high-speed internet and power backup resources that will ensure that its guests can always stay connected to the world.

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Onomo Hotel Durban Telephone Number

The telephone number for Onomo Hotel Durban is +27-31-4923917.

Hotel Onomo Abidjan Airport/Onomo Hotel Abidjan

hotel onomo abidjan airport

The ONOMO hotel in Abidjan is called ONOMO Hotel Abidjan Airport.

Onomo Hotel Abidjan Airport is less than a kilometer from Félix Houphouët Boigny International Airport, the Abidjan airport.

Click here to find out more about this Abidjan airport hotel.

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Onomo Hotel Waterfront

Signature Lux Hotel by ONOMO Waterfront caters to the preferences of millennials and creative business nomads, offering a contemporary and sustainable lodging experience. Situated just a 15-minute walk from the ocean in the heart of Cape Town, and in close proximity to the CTICC, the hotel is designed with modern technology in mind.

Featuring 87 guest rooms with integrated technology, ambient lighting, and 40-inch SMART TVs with Netflix and Showmax, the hotel ensures a comfortable stay. High-speed WiFi in each room enhances connectivity for work or leisure. An innovative app is also available to streamline various online services for added convenience.

For dining, guests can explore Vivaldi restaurant on the premises, providing a space to enjoy local singers along with a meal. Whether you are a tech-savvy traveler or a creative professional, Signature Lux Hotel by ONOMO Waterfront aims to offer a contemporary and connected stay in Cape Town. Consider this option for your next visit to the city.

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Ono Hotels

If you are interested in places to stay in Ono, Japan, browse a selection of Ono Hotels here.

Inn on the Square Onomo Hotel (Cape Town)

The dining room at inn on the square onomo hotel

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