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Equity Bank Mwenge Branch/Equity Bank (Mwenge Branch) Dar es Salaam

Equity Bank Mwenge

Equity Bank Mwenge has moved locations, though it has not moved far from where it was originally.

To find out where it’s located now, click here.

Equity Bank Tanzania Branches/Equity Bank Dar es Salaam Branches/Equity Bank Branches in Tanzania

If you would like to know all the Equity Bank Tanzania branches in Dar es Salaam, click here for a full list of those.

Equity Bank Mlimani City

There is no Equity Bank branch in Mlimani City, the closest Equity Bank branch to Mlimani City is Equity Bank Mwenge on Coca Cola Road.

Equity ATM Near Me

If you are looking for an Equity Bank ATM near you, enter that search term into Google Maps and you are likely to find what you are looking for.

Remember that you can also use an Equity Bank agent to do most of what you can do at an Equity Bank ATM. Equity Bank agents are generally more widely available than Equity Bank ATMs.

Equity Bank (Mwenge Branch) Photos

If you would like to see pictures of the new Equity Bank Mwenge Branch, click here.

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Equity Bank Uganda Monthly Charges

Find the current Equity Bank Uganda tariff guide below.

As you will see from it, there are no monthly fees for any of their accounts except for specialty Supreme Banking accounts.

This is actually one of the main reasons that I bank with Equity Bank. I have been an Equity Bank Tanzania customer since 2012 and an Equity Bank Uganda customer since 2014.

To take a closer look at the tariff guide, click on it to open it in a new window.

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Let’s go back in time a few years.

Money sign

Looking for a Bank in Tanzania

For several years after I first moved to Dar es Salaam, I was a member of the African unbanked. Why? 1) Because I wasn’t formally employed and every bank I thought of opening an account with asked for an employer’s letter; and 2) even more disturbing to me than that was that, at the time, very few banks in Tanzania allowed easy access of funds outside of the country. (And yes, by that I mean not even by debit card.)

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Everyone, including staff at the banks I went to inquire at, pointed me in the direction of EXIM Bank and CRDB.

When I went to find out more from CRDB, though, they couldn’t even answer the most basic questions such as how much it would cost me to withdraw money outside of the country if I were to bank with them.

Equity Bank Branches Dar es Salaam: Equity Bank has much fewer branches in Dar es Salaam than CRDB Bank

I decided, therefore, to remain unbanked and just keep my money at home.

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Enter Equity Bank Tanzania

One day, an organization I was doing contract work for decided that they would no longer pay vendors and contractors by cheque but only by bank transfer.

I needed to open an account ASAP.

Around the same time, I started to hear about a Kenyan bank that had recently opened in Tanzania.

I was familiar with the bank’s name because it was often in the press for innovative banking solutions targeting low income earners and the unbanked, but that was not what caught my attention.

Rather, someone who had an account there told me that all that had been required for her to open her account was some sort of identification.

I needed to find out more.

Inquiring at Equity Bank Tanzania Golden Jubilee Branch

On a busy afternoon when I was running lots of errands in downtown Dar es Salaam, I decided to stop at Equity Bank Tanzania’s Golden Jubilee branch to get more information about what was required to open a bank account there.

I knew it was unlikely that I’d be able to open an account on the same day. At least I could find out what would be required for whenever I was ready to do so.

Equity Bank near me: two exist in the Golden Jubilee Towers
Equity Bank Branches Dar es Salaam: there are two branches in the Golden Jubilee Towers downtown

The Requirements

What my informant had told me was true.

Beyond my wildest expectations, I walked out that afternoon after an hour-long-or-so visit to Equity Bank Tanzania, with a USD account, albeit one that had no money in it.

Why no money?

Because the person who attended to me that day told me that it wasn’t necessary.

He said he was sure that if I was opening an account it was so that I could put money in it one day.

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In the meantime, he said, he would simply open the account with zero balance.

What did it take to open the account? Nothing more than 1) my driver’s license, which is the only I.D. I had on me that day; 2) filling out a couple of forms; 3) letting the bank take a picture of me; and that was that. Wow, simple!

Equity Bank Tanzania branches - Golden Jubilee Branch
Equity Bank Branches Dar es Salaam: Golden Jubilee Branch

I have since opened a couple of other accounts with Equity Bank (both with Equity Bank Tanzania and Equity Bank Uganda).

Each time the process has been essentially as simple as it was that first day.

Fast forward a couple of years.

Equity Bank Uganda Oasis Mall Branch

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