50 Most Influential Young Tanzanians 2018

50 Most Influential Young Tanzanians 2018: Vote Now!

Leading African rating & PR agency Avance Media has announced finalists for the 2nd edition of its prestigious annual ranking focused on young people dubbed “50 Most Influential Young Tanzanians".

According to Prince Akpah, Managing Director of Avance Media, this year’s list features young Tanzanians between the ages of 15 and 40 who have made remarkable contributions towards their respective fields and have extended impact to other young people across the country and beyond.

Public voting is now open at tz.avancemedia.org to determine the influence of the nominees in their categories and in the overall ranking.

The 2017 edition was won by footballer Mbwana Samatta.

Some notable personalities nominated this year include: Ali Kiba, Vanessa Mdee, Rebecca Gyumi, Rose Mmbaga, Diamond Platnumz, and Mbwana Samatta.

After launching the initiative in Ghana in 2015, Avance Media has partnered with various organizations across Africa to extend the ranking to Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania & DR Congo and is expected to announce a global ranking in 2019.

Below is the list of nominees represented in their respective categories.

Fahad Awadh


  1. Allen Kimambo (Zaidi General Enterprises Limited)
  2. Fahad Awadh (YYTZ Agro Processing)
  3. Jennifer Shigoli (Malkia Investments Company Limited)
  4. Joseph Sayi (TV1/Kwese)
  5. William Mshery (Vijana Think Tank)


  1. Ali Kiba (Musician)
  2. Diamond Platnumz (Musician)
  3. MC Pilipili (Comedian)
  4. Vanessa Mdee (Musician)
  5. Wema Sepetu (Actress)

Law & Governance

  1. Catherine Ruge (Member of Parliament)
  2. Jebra Kambole (Advocate)
  3. Jokate Mwegelo (District Commissioner)
  4. Paul Makonda (Regional Commissioner)
  5. Zainab Katimba (Member of Parliament)

Leadership & Civil Society

  1. Dorice Mollel (Dorice Mollel Foundation)
  2. Geline Alfred Fuko (Tangible Initiatives for Local  Development Tanzania)
  3. Petrider Paul (Youth for Change Tanzania)
  4. Rose Mmbaga (World Merit Tanzania)
  5. Seleman Yusuph Kitenge (African Network of Youth Policy Experts)


  1. Asia Botea (Botea Designs)
  2. DJ Ommy Crazy (DJ)
  3. Fortunatus Francis (Photographer)
  4. Herieth Paul (Model)
  5. Stephano Temu (Vlogger)
Millard Ayo
Millard Ayo


  1. Casto Dickson (OAP)
  2. Dina Marios (OAP)
  3. Hamisi Mandi (OAP)
  4. Idris Sultan (OAP)
  5. Millard Ayo (OAP)

Personal Development & Academia

  1. Badru Juma Rajabu (Youth of United Nations Association of Tanzania)
  2. Lameck Kiula (Child in Action Foundation)
  3. Felix Manyogote (Jambo Bukoba)
  4. Wilhelm Oddo (Green Light Foundation)
  5. Salim Mussa Omar (Nlab)

Science & Technology

  1. Araika Zawadhafsa Mkulo (Safe Space)
  2. Diana Mbogo (Millennium Engineers Enterprise)
  3. Evans Makundi (Evmak)
  4. Isaya Yunge (Somaapps Technologies)
  5. Jumanne Mtambalike (Sahara Ventures)
Faraja Nyalandu
Faraja Nyalandu

Social Entreprise & Philanthropy

  1. Agnes Kahamba (Tupaze Sauti Foundation)
  2. Alqaim Lalani (Tumaini la Maisha)
  3. Faraja Nyalandu (Shule Direct)
  4. Rebeca Gyumi (Msichana Initiative)
  5. Salha Kibwana (Her Africa)


  1. Alphonce Simbu
  2. Hashim Thabit Manka
  3. Mbwana Samatta
  4. Mrisho Ngasa
  5. Shomari Kapombe

The 50 Most Influential Young Tanzanians initiative is spearheaded by Avance Media in partnership with Jagari Designs, COSDEF Group, 1000 African Voices, My Naija Naira, Cliq Africa, VIPI State & WatsUp TV.

Once more, to vote, go to tz.avancemedia.org.

I can’t wait to see what the final results are.

Until the next time,

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Photo Credit: Global African Business Awards, TwitterLionesses of Africa

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