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Scents: The Perfume Spot Nairobi, 10 Best Female Perfumes in Kenya & More

If you came to this post looking for a recommendation for perfume shops in Kenya, go ahead and read the rest of this post. If you would specifically like to know more about Scents : The Perfume Spot Nairobi, go here. You can also find out more about Acqua di Gio and some of my favorite perfumes for women here. If your interest is Acqua di Gio for men, go here. Last but not least, if you would like to know what the best female fragrance is, go here.

Before that, though, since I often get email from my male Kenyan readers asking me for fragrance recommendations, I decided to put a list together for all those who might be interested.

Men's Colognes that can be bought at scents : the perfume spot nairobi

I will keep this list updated over time. Enjoy!

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Best Male Colognes & Best Female Fragrance Lists

10 Best Male Perfumes in Kenya

(2 of these are Versace perfumes)

  1. Nautica Voyage by Nautica
  2. Nautica Blue by Nautica
  3. Eros by Versace
  4. Eau Fraîche by Versace
  5. Lucky You by Lucky Brand
  6. Nautica Classic by Nautica
  7. For Him by Raw Chemistry
  8. Club de Nuit Intense by Armaf
  9. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
  10. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Versace Eros

And not to leave out my female readers, or for you my male readers who or looking for the best female fragrance to surprise a special lady in your life with, here are the…

10 Best Female Perfumes in Kenya

Women's perfumes that can be bought at scents : the perfume spot nairobi
  1. Happy by Clinique
  2. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor
  3. Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier
  4. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
  5. Princess by Vera Wang
  6. Bright Crystal by Versace
  7. Lucky You by Lucky Brand
  8. Design by Paul Sebastian
  9. Cool Water by Davidoff
  10. Eternity by Calvin Klein

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Best Female Fragrance

If popularity is a sign of how good a perfume is, then the best female fragrance is currently Happy by Clinique.

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How to Choose the Best Female Fragrance for You

As I mention later in this post, I am a firm believer in the French saying les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas (essentially: there’s no accounting for tastes).

As such, I am not sure that you can say that there is one best female fragrance.

What is more important is really finding the best female fragrance for you.

When I am choosing a perfume to buy for myself, I first try a slew of perfumes on paper perfume test strips.

Testing a perfume at scents : the perfume spot nairobi

I try any perfume I am interested in, making sure that I spray some perfume on the test strip, wave the test strip around in the air a couple of times so that the perfume dissipates a bit, and then I lightly smell the test strip from a distance so that I get a sense of what the perfume will smell like after a while.

After I have decided on a maximum of three perfumes that could be the one for me, I spray each perfume on separate places on my body (usually the inside of my wrists or somewhere else on my arm).

I then walk away for a while and do something else for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once the fragrances have had time to settle, I smell each of the spots where I sprayed the perfumes I am interested in to see how each fares with my personal body chemistry. 

Spraying perfume at scents : the perfume spot nairobi

Choosing the Best Female Fragrance for Me: Making the Final Choice

Choosing the best female fragrance for me then becomes a purely subjective decision.

I buy the perfume that smells best on my body at this point and one that I feel I will want to represent me for the next couple of months. (I usually only wear one or two perfumes at any point in time, so I know that the scent I choose will be “my scent” for the next few months.)

How do you choose the best female fragrance for you? Let me know in a comment below.

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Versace Fragrance

Versace logo with cologne bottle

You will notice that Versace fragrances feature on both these lists.

Gianni Versace S.p.A., or simply Versace as it is more commonly known, is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1978.

Versace not only designs, manufactures, distributes and retails clothing—both haute couture and prêt-à-porter—but also lifestyle products such as  accessories, jewelry, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings.

The fashion house brands its women’s perfumes as being mixed with heritage and love of tradition, daring provocation, seduction and passion.

If popularity is a sign of how good a perfume is, then the best female fragrance by Versace is currently Bright Crystal.

Versace Cologne

Versace Colognes

Of their fragrances for men, Versace tags them the expression of a man’s strength and charisma conveyed in modern and sensual Mediterranean freshness as well as the essence of pure masculinity for a strong passionate man who is master of himself.

Want to learn more about Versace perfumes? If so, check out a wide range of Versace fragrances here.

And now on to the main post…

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My mother often half-jokingly says that I eat toilet paper and drink perfume.

That’s in reference to how fast I use up each of these items.

Perfume and toilet paper

Let’s leave the first item alone for now and focus on the second, perfume.

Well, not really perfume itself, rather I’d like to talk about where to purchase perfume in Nairobi and tell you how I came to settle on my current preferred perfume shop.

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Buying Perfume at Duty Free Shops

From the time I owned my very first perfume, Anaïs Anaïs at the tender age of 13, most of my perfumes have been bought at duty free counters at airports across the world.

When I was very young, this would happen when my parents would travel for business, after I’d beg them to bring me back perfume.

When I got a little older, this would invariably take place during long transit hours spent at airports in Europe as I crossed continents to go to and from school.

Even now as an adult, I usually acquire perfume either as I am traveling or when others gift me perfume when they have been traveling.

Whatever the case, I’ve always had the mindset that the cheapest place to buy perfume is at duty free stores, so I rarely ever attempted to buy perfume at perfume shops in Nairobi or elsewhere in the city for that matter.

Fast forward some years.

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Searching for Davidoff Cool Water Perfume for Men (Might Be Available at Scents : The Perfume Spot Nairobi)

Without going into too many details, a company I was working for, at the time, needed to purchase a bottle of Cool Water, the man’s fragrance, on a very strict budget but was having a hard time finding it.

In the spirit of team work, I decided to pitch in and check for it at a perfume shop or two even though it was my day off.

Checking Out Different Perfume Shops in Kenya

While I was at The Village Market, I stopped by the Diplomatic Duty Free, to see if they might stock Cool Water.

I was in luck! They did, but unfortunately, not at the price I was looking for.

Not to be discouraged, I walked downstairs to the City Walk, which sells shoes but also has a well-stocked fragrance counter.

There, too, I found what I was looking for, though still not at the price required.

I left The Village Market and decided to make my way back towards town.

where to buy the best female fragrance: Village Market

Before that, I decided to make one more stop at The Sarit Centre to see if I might have any luck at Lipstix, the cosmetics and perfume shop, on the lower ground floor.

Again, I found the same situation: they stocked the product, but it was above my budget.

Scents: The Perfume Spot (Nairobi)

Scents: The Perfume Spot (Nairobi)
Scents : The Perfume Spot Nairobi

31 thoughts on “Scents: The Perfume Spot Nairobi, 10 Best Female Perfumes in Kenya & More”

Biche: How could you go from Anaïs Anaïs to Rose Essentielle? I was just wondering what were the steps in between? Because I feel something must have gone wrong along the way. Just a personal opinion, but I don’t like this Rose Essentielle.

Hi Muthoni,

I see you also wait for people who travel to buy your perfume. I tell you, it’s the perfect gift! 🙂

Let us know which perfume you settle on, once you purchase.

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!


Hehehehehe Rafiki,

I totally get where you are coming from but as the French say les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas (essentially: there’s no accounting for tastes)!

Truthfully, Anaïs Anaïs is not my style at all. I find it’s too soft, floral, and subtle. I like stronger, “clean” smells. My Mom just says I like “murky” perfumes. (What?!) I can’t really enumerate the steps between Anaïs Anaïs and Rose Essentielle because my adventurous spirit can be evidenced in my choice of perfumes too (as a rule I never buy the same perfume more than once). Some of the perfumes that I’ve used of the years which still stand out for me are: L’Eau d’Issey (by Issey Miyake), Parfum d’Été (by Kenzo), Lalique (by Lalique), Sotto Voce (by Laura Biagiotti), Acqua di Gio and Sensi (both by Armani), and Deep Red (by Hugo Boss). (Does that sort of explain how I could go from Anaïs Anaïs to Rose Essentielle ;-))?

What are you preferences in fragrances for men and women?


Biche: That path from Anaïs Anaïs to Rose Essentielle has some very strange turns and twists. And why do you never buy the same perfume again? Maybe you have just not found your perfect one yet? Or maybe you are you an energetic person always on the move? How stable are your relationships? Have you tried Chanel no 22 or Chance (also by Chanel)?
My favorite ones would be Voile de Jasmin by Bvlgari for women Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger for men.

Hi Rafiki,

On your recommendation, I made it a point to smell Voile de Jasmin. Great stuff (but a little subtle for me)! As for not buying the same perfume twice, it’s a long story that involves my Dad’s younger brother, a second bottle of Acqua di Gio, and a long cross-country journey on the back of a pick-up truck that ruined Acqua di Gio for me forever! I guess I realized then that you never can quite love the second owning of a perfume like you did the first. After that, I just learned to embrace the change of perfume that occured when each bottle would run out. Frankly, now I’ve come to love this change! I would never consider settling down to only one perfume. It has nothing to do with not having found the perfect perfume yet – they’re just so many good ones to try! (And no, that’s not my policy when it comes to relationships, though some may argue that that’s why I am always in and out of relationships. Hehehehe…may these words never come back to haunt me! 🙂

Oh, also, I think Chanel No.22 is really nice too. I remember that being one of my favorites among my mother’s perfumes when I was younger. I see you have good taste! 🙂


Biche, sorry for my late response (I was out in the parks and on the beach and with family), but you have really clarified a lot and I am now getting your point and I actually agree with you (and yes, you got taste as well, thanks for the compliment), although I can buy the same perfume twice without problem.
Good that you were able to sample Voile de Jasmin. I hope you will be able to savour Tommy as well (best done on a real man)…

Ha ha ha Rafiki,

I will work on smelling that Tommy on a real man (but if that fails, I will just go to a perfume counter and catch a whiff). I am glad you are enjoying the festive season, please continue doing so as it is far from over!


hi biche… Hoping u still running the shop! I was interested in the same business though am outside nairobi or rather am in nakuru. Jus wondering can i be able to purchase at wholesale price? Pliz inbox via my facebook – brianmoses lukania k o…appreciated!

I love the duty free perfumes, and am glad to know Nakumatt has the same. But I cant get my favourite “Dior Addict: To Life”

Hi WaNganga,

Welcome to Chick About Town!

The particular store I went to was the one at Nakumatt Prestige. There was also a Sensations outside Nakumatt Lifestyle. I am not sure about the Junction. Maybe at the back of the store? You’ll have to check.

Good luck, and I hope you find what you are looking for! 🙂


Hi Biche. Thanks for this helpful info. Have you tried a shop called Scents. It as on Muindi Mbingu Street near Jeevanjee Gardens next to Family Bank and opposite Barclays bank. They have a wide variety…even of latest perfumes and very good customer service. Thanks. Mose

Hi Mose,

Welcome to Chick About Town!

No, I haven’t been to Scents before but it sounds interesting. Thanks for leaving a comment about it. What’s their price range like?


Hi Biche. I appreciate your effort and details in pointing out where to find authentic perfumes in Nairobi. Have you considered Smartcell Fashion. They are located along Kenyatta Avenue, Phoenix House, 2nd Floor.They stock authentic fragrances at discounted prices. Check them on

It’s my pleasure, Joe.

How about purchasing fragrance online on Jumia? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice, but if you know what you are looking for, it might do the trick.

(I have never bought fragrance in Kampala. I can’t help you there.)


Hi John,

Welcome to Chick About Town!

Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I did check it out, and I particularly liked all your Top 10 lists. I wish you great success with your blog!