Nail Parlour Near Me Or Not?

Pedicured toe nails: nails done at one of the nail salons near me

If you came to this post after searching “nail parlour near me” or “pedicure near me”, then you’re in the right place.

In this post, I discuss whether or not it matters where you do your nails. I also share about a Nairobi salon that gives great services including excellent nail treatments.

Keep reading to find out which one. 

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Sorry gents, this one might be of interest only to the ladies (though I am aware that nowadays some men also take good care of their feet and nails with pedicures and the like)!

nail parlour near me: Feet in water with flowers, pedicure

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A Pedicure Near Me at a Nail Salon Near Me

Yesterday, I went for a pedicure at one of the nail salons near me: my regular ‘local’ beauty salon.

Truthfully, I left not very content.

Yes, my nails looked much better than when I went in but, frankly, the service wasn’t great.

This brought to mind a pedicure that I had a little while ago that had me wondering: are all pedicures equal?

L'Africaine hair designs salon, one of the nail salons near me

The pedicure in question—the good one—happened at L’Africaine Hair Designs in Hurlingham.

Before I tell you about the pedicure, though, let me tell you a little bit about my history with L’Africaine.

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Nail Salons Near Me/Nail Parlour Near Me: L’Africaine Hair Salon, Nairobi

I used to go to L’Africaine a lot when I first moved to Nairobi because it was the first good beauty salon that I visited.

The best haircut and the best artificial nails I’ve ever had in my life were both from L’Africaine! So though L’Africaine was not a nail salon near me, it was worth the trek from Karen to Kilimani to get my beauty treatments done there.

After getting to know Nairobi better, though, I started going to other beauty salons.

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Nail Spa Near Me Prices Much Better

Essentially, I felt L’Africaine was unnecessarily pricey.

In an effort to get regular beauty treatments that didn’t break the bank, I began to frequent beauty salons that offered maximum convenience in terms of location as well as services at extremely low prices.

Getting nails done at one of the nail salons near me

As habit took over, I began to imagine that I was getting as good beauty treatments as I would anywhere.

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Nails Salon Near Me vs. A Manicure at That Special Salon

After all, aren’t all manicures and pedicures equal?

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Manicure in Nairobi: Luxe Nails Parlour Nairobi

If you are looking for a good specialty Nail salon in Nairobi, try Luxe Nails Parlour on the 10th floor of Bihi Towers on Moi Avenue.

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To see a sample of their work, check out their Instagram profile at @LuxeNailsParlour.

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Photo Credits: Celestial Gift Experiences, L’Africaine Hair Designs, Mercy, The Nail Bar, Element Nail Spa

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