Mahambi Market, a New Online Peer-to-Peer Thrift Marketplace Launched on September 5

Online Market place Kenya: Eli Mwenda & Brian Kimanzi, Mahambi Market Vendors on Mahambi

I get excited every time I learn of a new (East) African digital space that facilitates everyday (East) Africans to do something they regularly do offline more easily online.

This is just the kind of digital space I’d like to tell you about today.

I won’t take up too much time setting it up. Just keep reading to find out what I am talking about.

Online Market Place Kenya: A New Peer-to-Peer Thrift Online Market

Mahambi Market is an online peer-to-peer thrift marketplace where Kenyans can open ‘digital shops’ in minutes and sell their clothing items from anywhere, any time.

Launched on September 5, 2020 in Kenya, Mahambi Market seeks to promote a waste-free, reuse-reduce-and-recycle culture in fashion by providing a platform for people to sell their least-worn clothing items.

For “bedroom entrepreneurs”, as they are often called, social apps and platforms are not simply an option but the basis and source of a significant part of their online engagement.

Mahambi Market seeks to tap into their need for online engagement and the sense of trust and security that internet users receive from referral and/or recommendations from peers.

Why the Need for a Kenya Online Marketplace?

This platform arrives at an optimal time, when the world is becoming increasingly digital and Kenyans are more fully embracing online shopping.

Whereas the trade of secondhand articles is very well established in Kenya, Mahambi Market is a platform that allows thrift sellers to go digital all the while doing so on a website that can be trusted by both buyer and seller.

The website focuses on clothing items for both men and women, along with fashion accessories and select home décor products.

Sanjeev Jandu, Mahambi Market CEO says, “There are so many individuals out there with more clothes than they do wear and would love a space to creatively showcase this wardrobe and potentially sell these items. There is even a larger population eager to browse through and shop thrift items without the hassle of leaving their homes.”

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Online Thrift Market Place Kenya: How Mahambi Market Works

All a vendor has to do to get started is sign up on the Mahambi Marketplace website, snap pictures of their merchandise and then post them for sale.

Mahambi Market is open to individuals, all across Kenya, who would like to sell their used fashion items online.

To ensure security for both vendor and buyer, the products are vetted by the site before being approved for listing.

Once a sale has been made, the money remains in the Mahambi Market wallet, while the seller gets alerted about the sale, until the client confirms they are comfortable with the purchase. Only then is the money given to the seller.

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Mahambi Market allows buyers to browse through various digital shops, pay online and have the items delivered to them, all from the comfort of their homes.

The website also assists sellers to create cool, fun and interactive profiles to receive maximum engagement from buyers.

Online Selling Platforms in Kenya: How Popular Is the Mahambi Market Marketplace Kenya

Since its launch, Mahambi Market has registered over 250 vendors, and the website has over 400 products on sale including clothes, accessories, beauty products and homeware.

Mahambi Market seeks to create a new generation of young entrepreneurs and to create a space where people can sell items from their closets to make room for more, as well as a space that makes thrifting easy, fun and very convenient.

Mahambi Market will also be associated with a charity and anything from any vendor that doesn’t get sold will be donated to that charity.

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You can visit to shop online and find unique items on the site.

Shoppers can also share their online finds with the hashtag #MahambiMarket.

So…what do you think about this new Kenyan online platform? Do you think this is a service Kenyans will readily adopt and find useful? Do you think this is innovation in the right direction? Please let me know what you think in a comment below.

Until the next time,

Lova Nantenaina

Lova Nantenaina, born 7 March 1977, is a Malagasy film director.

Alongside his wife Eva Lova and Candy Radifera, he formed the production company Endemika Films in 2008.

Most of Endemika Films’ output has been short programming for children. The company also produces documentaries.

Lova Nantenaina released his first feature documentary Avec Presque Rien… in 2013, featuring the poverty that he grew up with in Antananarivo, Madagascar. It received the Sustainable Development Award at the Vues d’Afrique festival in Montreal.

In 2014, Lova Nantenaina directed the documentary Ady Gasy, which  details Nantenaina’s interviews with Malagasy people about the conditions in their country.

It received the Eden Grand Prize for best documentary at the Lumière d’Afrique festival as well as the Indian Ocean Prize at the International Film Festival of Africa and the Islands.

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Local Guides is a global community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add or edit places, and check facts on Google Maps.

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These guides are then given certified levels to reflect how much they have contributed to the Local Guides program.

I, myself, am currently a Level 6 local guide.

Eli Mwenda

Eli Mwenda is, among other things, a Mahambi Market vendor. He is the person on the left in the topmost photo of this post.

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