Kenya Airways Reviews: The Good about Kenya Airways & More About The Airline

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Kenya Airways Review/Kenya Airways Beoordelingen: The Good

I’ve been traveling with Kenya Airways, pretty much all my life.

In the past 22 years during which I have lived in East Africa, I have traveled and dealt with Kenya Airways countless times.

Although I often hear horror stories about long delays on Kenya Airways flights and frequent instances where passengers are unexpectedly bumped off their flights, this has not been my experience of Kenya Airways the Pride of Africa at all.

For me, Kenya Airways has, more often than not, been a dependable, reliable, professional airline carrier that has allowed me to focus more on where and why I am traveling, rather than on how I will get there and whether or not my flight will be pleasant and on-schedule.

Kenya Airways Reviews: Kenya Airways Staff

One of the things that I love most about Kenya Airways the Pride of Africa is that I can call their reservations number at any time (particularly the one in Nairobi) for the slightest reason and know that I will get accurate, reliable information given to me in a professional and courteous manner.

I once called Kenya Airways Reservations at 3 a.m., one night, when I couldn’t sleep from the excitement of a trip I was planning, just to inquire what they charge to fly to the destination I was planning to travel to.

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On another night, when I couldn’t sleep because my mother was unreachable after taking a late night Kenya Airways flight, I called to find out if her flight had indeed landed safely.

Each time, I got a quick answer to my query, despite having called at such a late hour.

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Another thing that I always marvel about when dealing with Kenya Airways is that, no matter when I call Kenya Airways to make a flight reservation, they always seem to have space available to the destination I want, on the date I wish to travel.

I have never called Kenya Airways and been told that they do not fly to my desired destination (granted, I travel mostly within Africa) nor that flights are unavailable for the particular day I request.

At times, this has even included situations in which I have called Kenya Airways to make same-day bookings.

Yes, this could just be my good luck, but more likely, I imagine this has more to do with how well Kenya Airways the Pride of Africa has studied and understood the flow of human traffic across Africa, ensuring that its flight frequency and destinations meet its customers’ needs.

Inside JKIA

To be fair, I have had a couple of bad experiences traveling with Kenya Airways, but of the many, I mean exactly that: I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with Kenya Airways (meaning exactly two).

The first took place while I was at university, when I traveled across continents on a seat whose head rest would not recline (that was a long flight!).

The second incident occurred when I was unexpectedly bumped off an early-morning flight from Nairobi to Bujumbura.

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To Kenya Airways’s credit, I had arrived at the airport a little late and once I’d taken the airline to task about how they’d contributed to my missing my flight, they compensated me adequately.

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Kenya Airways Reviews 2023/Kenya Airways Anmeldelser: Kenya Airways Complaints

The one area, though, in which I have a bone to pick with Kenya Airways is pricing.

Particularly when it comes to travel within East Africa, I find Kenya Airways rather expensive.

This is why sometimes, lately, in situations where price is a determining factor, I have often found myself turning to less expensive alternatives, such as Fastjet, on regional routes.

Dollar Sign

Still, overall, I am very impressed with the good service that I continually receive from Kenya Airways.

Despite the complaints and horror stories that I frequently hear from other people, this has not been my experience at all.

To me, Kenya Airways is doing very well in keeping in line with being/becoming “The Pride of Africa”.

Kudos to you, Kenya Airways! Keep up the good work!

How about you, my readers? What have you’re experiences with Kenya Airways been? Have they been positive or negative?

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Until the next time,

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Kenya Airways Opiniones: Is Kenya Airways Legit?

Yes, Kenya Airways is a legit airline that has been operating since 1977.

It is the national flag carrier airline of Kenya and is a member of SkyTeam, an air alliance that also includes Delta Air Lines, KLM, and Air France.

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Kenya Airways Ratings

Kenya Airways has a certified 3-star (out of a possible 5 stars) Skytrax World Airline Star Rating.

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