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Ericomsongz ft. Kellah – Mpokee

Happy new year, dear reader! I hope all is well with you and that your 2019 is off to a great start.

Today, for my first post of the year, I would like to do something a little different: I’d like to share some music with you.

I recently came across a new tune from Tanzania, that’s sweet in subject matter and catchy in sound.

I found this song in my inbox, where it had been sent to me by the popular Tanzanian record label MJ Records, the record label of one of the artists that performs the song.

Usually, I ignore this kind of unsolicited email, but after a few listens to the new release, I thought I’d share the song with you despite my not being familiar with either of the artists that perform it because the song’s got a little something to it.

The track is called Mpokee (‘receive him or her’ in Swahili) by Ericomsongz featuring Kellah. Before I tell you any more, how about you give the song a listen?

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So what do you think?

Personally, not only do I like Mpokee’s easy, mellow sound (and the great scenes of everyday Dar es Salaam in the music video!), but I also like the simple sweet sentiments expressed in the song’s lyrics.

For the non-Swahili speakers among you, let me tell you a little more.

Mpokee is a love song. It opens with a man telling a woman to love him as he is despite his not having much in life.

He goes on to assure her that there is nothing shockingly wrong with him and laments to his ladylove about being full of questions for which he has no answers. He wonders: does she love him, yes or no?

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This man goes on to tell his beloved that he prays that their love be an example of a good one.

Taking it further, the suitor goes on to explain to his love that he has sent a package for her through her friend.

The title of the song, Mpokee, is an imploration for the woman to receive and accept this gift that he has sent her.

In response, the object of his affection tells him: other than the gift he has sent her, what she would like is from him to give her the truth.

She asks him to fulfill his promise and to be true to her.

The woman goes on to tell him that she doesn’t thirst for sweet words. Instead, she asks him not to give her anything simply out of (physical) desire for her, because that would break her heart.

Ms. Ladylove also asks her admirer whether or not he loves her, yes or no, finally admitting that she too has the hots for him and that her beating heart just won’t slow down!

Sweet love story, no?

There you go: a sweet, catchy love song to start off your year, straight from the city of Dar es Salaam.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below.

Until the next time,

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