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Ericomsongz ft. Kellah – Mpokee

Happy new year, dear reader! I hope all is well with you and that your 2019 is off to a great start. Today, for my first post of the year, I would like to do something a little different: I’d like to share some music with you. I recently came across a new tune from Tanzania, that’s sweet in subject matter and catchy in sound. I found this song in my inbox, where it had been sent to me by the popular Tanzanian record label MJ Records, the record label of one of the artists that performs the song. Usually, I … Continue reading

Yemi Alade Sema Asante Kweli We Ni Mungu: Download & Lyrics

Do you want to hear or know more about the Swahili version of Na Gode? Did you just Google ‘Yemi Alade sema asante kweli we ni mungu’? If so, you can download the Yemi Alade Papa Asante audio below for free and see the song’s full lyrics after. Yemi Alade Sema Asante Kweli We ni Mungu Click here to download the Yemi Alade Sema Asante Kweli We Ni Mungu audio for free. Lyrics to the Yemi Alade Sema Asante Kweli We Ni Mungu Audio Ee oo oo o o Papa asante, kweli we ni mungu Yemi Alade! Ai! Papa asante, … Continue reading

Kanga: Different Meanings in English & Lots More About the Swahili Fabric

Did you come to this post wondering about the word kanga in English? If so, you are in the right place. Let’s begin with what to call the East African fabric kanga in English. Kanga (Fabric) in English/Khanga in English Quite simply, the East African fabric kanga/khanga remains kanga/khanga in English too. Other than the fabric, kanga in English can mean a couple of other things. In Australia, the word kanga is used informally to mean kangaroo. Kanga is also another word for a prison warder. Kanga in English Bird/Ndege Kanga in English If you are looking for a translation of the … Continue reading

Kumekucha Meaning & Blog

This post is about Kumekucha, a great Kenyan blog. If you came to this post to find out how to say kumekucha in English, then you are in the right place. In fact, let’s begin with that. Kumekucha in English Kumekucha in English is, quite simply, morning has broken, i.e., daybreak has occurred. Kumekucha is used both literally and figuratively to mean ‘it’s a new day’. Examples of Kumekucha Used in Swahili Phrases & Sentences kumekucha na kunanyesha (the day has begun and it is raining) Mana Neyastani hakuacha kupiga siasa kwa kutumia katuni kuhusiana na uchafuzi huu: “Babu” anasema “Kumekucha tena, … Continue reading

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