Be My Guide to Your East African City # 11: Who are the Best Local Artists?

Want to know who the best local artists in the East African city you will soon be visiting are? If so, come on over to my blog and see what me and my readers have to say on the subject. Click the link now to read the post!

Whenever anyone makes me a mixed CD, they almost invariably put a lot of neo-soul on it.

I guess they figure I’m that kind of sister.

I understand where they are coming from. Among other things, I can often be seen rocking African prints and head wraps–but the truth is, although I enjoy neo-soul, I am not a big fan.

My seemingly Afro-consciousness which, were I in the West might correctly point to the likelihood that I would be into neo-soul, is simply me authentically being the African woman that I am and that I was raised to be.

When people realize this about me, they quickly trade in the likes of Jill Scott and The Roots for more African artists like Kidum, Oliver Mtukudzi, Youssou N’dour, and Prezzo…much to my delight.

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Having lived in East Africa for the past 17 years, I must say: I love what I have discovered of East African music!

I like traditional East African music.

I love what I collectively like to call East African urban pop, i.e, popular music from East Africa’s urban areas.

And, I enjoy lots of other East African music along the spectrum.

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Recently, as I noticed myself increasingly sitting out on some of the more popular western tunes in favor of local hits when I was out dancing, I began to question why.

The answer came to me one day as I listened to Sauti Sol’s “Blue Uniform” (which I LOVE by the way! :-)).

Essentially, I love East African music because it speaks to my reality: the songs tell my story or stories that I can relate to, in languages (or in a mix of languages ;-)) that I speak or that are commonly spoken around me, using rhythms that are very familiar to me.

So, today, in the spirit of celebrating East African music, I’d like you to tell me:

Question #11: In your East African city/town, who are the best local artists?

And yes, I did say ‘ best’, which I know is hard to determine, but just give it your best shot. To let me know what you think, leave me a comment below in the following format (for clarity’s sake):

City/Town, Country:
Best Local Artists:
Why do you like these artists?:

As always, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. My answer can be found in the first comment below.

Until the next time,

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6 thoughts on “Be My Guide to Your East African City # 11: Who are the Best Local Artists?”

City/Town, Country: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Best Local Artists: T.I.D. (Top in Dar), Banana Zorro, Lady Jaydee

Why do you like these artists?: Because…

        1. They are distinctly Tanzanian.
        2. They are great vocalists.
        3. They have proved themselves to be professional artists, producing great hits year after year.

      City/Town, Country: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

      I have an array of flavours that cut accross various artists as a result its pretty difficult to single out one or two singers. To complicate the matter , the ones that I used to like (AY, Sir Nature & Lady Jaydee ) have changed their rythm dramatically over the last four years. But if I were to buy an artist CD I would go with Ali Kiba for now.

      Ahhh, I hear you Biche! I too did not realise how much I had come to love East African Music until I found myself at East African Night at Silk Club in Kampala one day: boy was that a blast!! 😀

      But to answer your question:
      City/Town, Country: Kampala, Uganda
      Best Local Artists: RADIO AND WEASEL
      (I had to capitalise! :-))
      Why do you like these artists:
      What’s not to like?? They are humourous, have a style all of their own and their music always makes me want to get onto the dance floor straight away! So good! 🙂

      When you are visiting Kisumu, u can visit Club Tamiez, Duke of the Breeze roof top or Quorum to listen to your favorite Music. They play nice music there, you should try it out…

      Hi E., Vive, and Mikee,

      Thanks for your responses to this question.

      E.–Welcome to ChickAboutTown! Great choice! I like Ali Kiba too, though I am not too clear on what he’s done since “Cinderella”. Because so many people bite his style, it’s hard to tell if a song that sounds like him truly is by him or by one of his imitators.

      Vive–*fist bump* Radio & Weasel ROCK! Have you ever heard a bad song from them? I haven’t, and I am CONSTANTLY hearing new songs from them! Those guys do no run out of ideas! 🙂

      Mikee–Welcome to ChickAboutTown! If my memory serves me correctly, I’ve been to Quorum before, and yes, the music was good. Thanks for your recommendations!

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