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5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing While Traveling

This post is a guest post by Emma Hanson.

Although traveling is a great way to relax and enjoy your holidays, it brings a lot of change to your routine and surroundings.

This sudden change often affects your skin badly and can leave it looking dull and tired.

We obviously can’t take all our skincare products along on a trip or get hours of beauty sleep either, so what should one do to maintain that healthy skin glow when travelling?

Here are a few easy tips for you that do not require much time or effort. Read through them and thank me later!

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Travel-Size Refreshing Mist

With the hustle of a trip, you hardly have time to take proper care of your skin.

In such circumstances, keeping a travel-size facial mist inside your bag helps a lot.

The mist instantly gives a hydration boost to your skin, taking any dullness away.

Also, if you are traveling to a place where the weather is hot, the mist will keep your skin soothed at all times.

Detox the Body

Our daily diet usually gets very affected by travel.

Often, it’s hard to maintain our efforts to eat clean resulting in toxins accumulating in our bodies, leaving our skin looking tired and, even possibly, acne-prone.

Starting your day with a detox drink like lemonade or chia seed water can help keep your body and skin clean.

Pack a Basic Skincare Bag

Since you cannot take every skincare product you have because of limited space, you must choose the basic ones that you can’t do without.

A cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, mask and a few serums should be on your list.

Also, if you are on a budget and don’t want to buy travel-sized versions of your skin care products, purchase small containers in which you can dole out some of the products you already have and want to take along with you. This will allow you to travel with more products without consuming a lot of space.


Use Less Pore-Clogging Makeup

When it comes to makeup, you can surely apply lipstick, liner and mascara without worry.

Wearing heavy foundation and setting powder on a daily basis, though, can lead to damaged skin.

Go easy on facial makeup products and try to keep your skin cleansed and moisturized at all times.

Let your skin breathe, and it’s likely to stay healthy without too much effort from you.

Protect Your Skin from the Environment

The climate and environment change that may take place because of travel can greatly affect your skin.

It is best to take proper measures to protect your skin from the elements.

Use sunscreen with a high SPF: SPF 50 or more to be on the safe side.

Apply sunscreen three times a day and whenever you wash your hands or face.

Make sure you carry it in your bag at all times so that you do not forget to apply it.

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Emma Hanson is a mother of two, a skincare freak and an avid reader. She loves trying out new products and treatments for healthy and glowing skin. She shares her knowledge and experience by writing regularly on her blog. She is one of the co-founders of

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Nice tips! These are easy and useful tips to protect skin while traveling. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

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