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South Africa Travel: Soweto, Johannesburg

As I mentioned in my last travel post on Johannesburg, South Africa, I bought a 2-day bus & Soweto combo ticket from City Sightseeing Joburg. That ticket allowed me to travel around Johannesburg on the City Sightseeing Joburg bus for two days and, on one of those days, jump into a smaller van to tour Soweto. What I Thought About Soweto and South Africa Before Getting There As a black African child raised in the ’80s, for the longest time, my strongest association with South Africa was apartheid. I remember my father, when I was barely six years old, refusing to buy me a can of Schweppes Indian Tonic because the top … Continue reading South Africa Travel: Soweto, Johannesburg

Be My Guide to Your East African City #13: Where’s the Best Place to Hear Music?

From my last few posts, you might have begun to think that ChickAboutTown is now a music blog–don’t worry, it isn’t. If you don’t know the origin of my “Be my Guide to Your East African City” series, then I welcome you to read the very first post of this series (…and tell me your favorite restaurant in your East African city while you are at it! 😉 ). Hopefully, you’ll then realize that I’ve not suddenly become music obsessed; rather, blame the people at RunwayPassport–they’re the reason for all the music-related questions! 🙂

Be My Guide to Your East African City #10: What’s the Best Bargain or Vintage Shopping Place?

So… it seems you didn’t have much to say about clothing stores in your East African city, or maybe you just couldn’t settle on a favorite one. Given that most women (at the very least) enjoy shopping, this should have come as a bit of a surprise to me. Frankly, I wasn’t very surprised though. If you my readers are anything like most of the East African residents that I know in person, then…well, you don’t really do most of your clothes shopping in stores locally. Am I right?

How to Retwist Locs & More on Growing Them

(Keep reading until near the end for a video showing you how to retwist locs.) Can I let you in on a secret? Although I absolutely love the look of dreadlocks, I don’t have the patience nor the commitment necessary to grow them. It’s true: I’ve tried four times so far and no matter what I do, about six months into the locking process, I simply wash out my dreadlocks and do something else with my hair. Still, every so often, I decide to try again. As you can probably infer, I am flirting with the idea right now hence this … Continue reading How to Retwist Locs & More on Growing Them

Baked Beans—Delightfully Good!

When I was a young girl in nursery school, my favorite lunchtimes were when I came home to find my Mom ready to make me a grilled cheese sandwich with baked beans on top. I loved grilled cheese without the baked beans too, but the beans lifted my meal to a whole new level. I can still conjure the taste now just thinking about it.

Nairobi to Kampala Bus Trip, Part III

(This is the third part of a 3-part series. Here are Part I and Part II .) In parts I and II of this series, I told you about traveling between Nairobi and Kampala using both Akamba and Scandinavia. In this last post, I’ll tell you about Regional, another bus company that serves this route. In my opinion, Akamba and Scandinavia are by far the superior services. Sometimes, though, when these service providers are fully booked or when the service they provide simply doesn’t meet your need, Regional is a third option to be considered. Before I tell you anything … Continue reading Nairobi to Kampala Bus Trip, Part III