Zahava Shanny

A while back, I stopped by Yaya briefly to buy something from Chandarana supermarket. I entered Yaya through the entrance near the Barclays ATM, but it was business as usual until I found myself at another exit, the main entrance/exit.


Lately, I have noticed that Yaya often has exhibits at their main entrance area during the latter part of the week. Sometimes, stores within the complex exhibit their wares; at other times, the exhibitors are from places other than Yaya.

This time, as I was rushing out of Yaya, trying to get to my next destination, I had no intention of spending any time at the main entrance exhibitions, but when some jewelry caught my eye, the woman in me had no choice but to stop and take a closer look. 🙂

On closer inspection, the stall that caught my eye had jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones fashioned in attractive and unusual designs. First I noticed a light green (think the color that water sometime takes on) piece that seemed made of a stone or rough precious stone material. I also saw jewelry made of what looked like volcanic pumice stone – that was really unusual and interesting. My two favorite pieces from the whole lot were a brown necklace made of a rough stone that had a pendant that looked like it was brown topaz and another long necklace (that I first thought was a belt) made from tiny pink pearls with purple clusters at regular intervals. I don’t know that words can truly do justice to the jewelry I saw, but all in all, the jewelry was gorgeous and equally important – unusual.

Upon inquiry, I found out the jewelry was designed by Zahava Shanny, a jewelry designer that I had never heard of before. I don’t know much about Zahava Shanny, but I know that her jewelry is beautiful and unique.

From her card, her contact info is: Tel: +254-20-3874593 (Home) / +254-722-858717(mobile)/ Email: Maybe you might want to check her stuff out as I plan to do the same. If you are a jewery lover, or looking for that special piece of jewlry for a special woman in your life, I think you won’t be disappointed.

I must warn you: the price tags I looked at were between $US 150 and $200, but then again for a really distinct beautiful piece of jewelry it might just be worth it. Well, you know your budget best.

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I really can’t tell you more about Zahava Shanny because I don’t know much more, but if you are a fan or go see her jewelry after reading this post. Please tell me what you thought.

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


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