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Nugumu YouTube/нугуму

Did you come to this post looking for more information on Nugumu not Mugumu? If so, here is a bit about that.

If that was not enough for you, and you would like to watch more Nugumu videos, then here is a reaction video to a whole bunch of them.

Wow, some of the videos reacted to in this video are quite scary or are, at the very least, unsettling!

The Nugumu YouTube channel currently has 62,800 subscribers and videos dating back to as early as 4 years ago. The name of the channel means ‘wow’ in Japanese.

The YouTube channel Nugumu also has a Twitter account. The handle name for this account is @_Nugumu, and the tweets from this account are primarily in Japanese (based on Google’s auto translate of them).

As I write, the Twitter account has 26,500 followers.

The person behind the Nugumu YouTube channel, does not provide a lot of information about themselves. For instance, on the channel’s about page, the description provided is translated by Google as “tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue”. Yeah, that doesn’t tell you a lot about the channel.

Apparently the channel was first created on July 17, 2016 and has received 7,637,841 views to date.

Apparently, Nugumu also has a VERY strange website, which you can find at

If you would like to find Reddit discussions about Nugumu, you can find one here.

Nugumu is a cryptic doll appearing in broadcasts from Japan over on Youtube – they speak stoically in a singular voice and with a malicious air from their contrived enunciation. Sometimes insinuating threats, such as appearing in your television or transforming you into their kind, they have a fixation to escape their virtual reality; all their interaction seems to be based on manipulating the audience.

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A playlist featuring Nugumu, including the appearance of another doll, is available here with translated English captions:

As one explores the channel of ‘ォ逅’ further, they will discover a vast majority of content is untranslated, ‘Nugumu’ is not the only doll featured and there’s some creepy but interesting video editing exercises.

More abstract videos exist, too, such as distorted B&W footage scanning missing posters of people on a wall. Grain in footage, eerie industrial music, esoteric interactions, absurd actions and modified dolls with harsh nails/rust/dirt all combine as effects to form a disturbing premise of horror – unclean, torn and mysterious sequences as.

The creator seems to be an avant-garde dollmaker who’s combining his hobby with experimental editing for creepy videos similar to the infamous ‘I Feel Fantastic’ video – dolls invariably provoking discomfort via ‘uncanny valley’ as a commonly unsettling object (or are they mere objects?).

There are a variety of interesting miscellaneous videos – dolls massaged oddly with a toothbrush in a grating fashion, a singing performance of a doll, a Max Headroom imitation, dolls pierced with with nails and masked man professing hostility – which have to be properly translated and understood in scope of the whole series.

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Serengeti Safari Operators/Serengeti Tour Operators: Serengeti One Safaris

Serengeti One Safaris is a tour company based in Mugumu, Serengeti.

It is a locally owned company that also employs local guides.

Serengeti One Safaris can organize tours and safaris to the Serengeti and other parts of Tanzania.

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Nugumiut is an area in Nunavut, Canada. It’s coordinates are (63°N, 65°W).

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“Lova Nantenaina”

Lova Nantenaina, born 7 March 1977, is a Malagasy film director.

Alongside his wife Eva Lova and Candy Radifera, he formed the production company Endemika Films in 2008.

Most of Endemika Films’ output has been short programming for children. The company also produces documentaries.

Lova Nantenaina released his first feature documentary Avec Presque Rien… in 2013, featuring the poverty that he grew up with in Antananarivo, Madagascar. It received the Sustainable Development Award at the Vues d’Afrique festival in Montreal.

In 2014, Lova Nantenaina directed the documentary Ady Gasy, which  details Nantenaina’s interviews with Malagasy people about the conditions in their country.

It received the Eden Grand Prize for best documentary at the Lumière d’Afrique festival as well as the Indian Ocean Prize at the International Film Festival of Africa and the Islands.

YouTube Serengeti

If you would like to watch a video of what you can expect to see in the Serengeti, here you go.

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Tanzania Safari Tours

If you are interested in finding out more about safari tours in Tanzania tailored especially for you, click here.

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