Panari Sky Centre and Hotel

Panari Sky Centre

A few weekends ago found me at Club Liquid, a nightclub at the Panari Sky Center. A friend of mine was invited to an exclusive party there and invited some of her female friends to tag along. Since it was a club that none of us had been to but had heard great things about, we decided to make a girls’ night of it and go all out. We dressed the part, met up at said friend’s house, and headed out all together to have a great night of fun at Panari.

Club Liquid @ Panari

Club Liquid was not all we expected it to be. The deco was great, the cocktail list extensive, and the music something to write home about, but somehow the night never picked up. Maybe this was because many of the people who were invited to the exclusive party didn’t show up, so the club never got packed enough. Whatever the case, something was missing.

Shooters & Dips @ Panari

A little later in the night, as we hoped the club would liven up, I decided to venture out into the rest of the Panari Sky Center  in search of food. This search led me across the hallway to a bar called Shooters & Dips. Wow! Let me just say that within an hour, my entire party of seven had abandoned Liquid and moved across the hall to Shooters & Dips.

The main reason for our move was the amazing music that we had noticed coming from Shooters & Dips as we first arrived at Club Liquid that night. When I returned with information that not only was Shooters & Dips happening in terms of music and crowd, but that it also had an interesting menu of food at an affordable price, we needed no more convincing to move our party there.

I really, really liked Shooters & Dips – it was a fun bar with the right mix of people, ambiance, music, and drinks. I had never heard of it before though so thought that you mightn’t have either.

If you are ever on that side of town and want a great place to hang out, please try it out. I can’t promise that it’ll always be that happening – after all this was my first time there, but I hope it will be.

Let me know what you think if ever you go.


 Photo Credit: Eduardo Zárate

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please send me the inner look of club liquid i need bto check out because i have a couple of friends who will be visting me and need to hangout at one of tne best joints in town

Hi Daniel,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown! I am sorry, I can’t help you with this as I am not in Nairobi right. Did you and your friends ever manage to visit the club?


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