Matemwe Accommodation Recommendations & 25 Other Pictures Taken in East Africa

Plunge Pool, Kasha Boutique Hotel, Zanzibar

This post was originally a compilation of my best photos on Instagram, which included some photos taken in Matemwe, Zanzibar

Since many of you come to this post looking for more information about Matemwe accommodation, though, I’ve updated this post with more information about that.

Matemwe Accommodation: Kasha Boutique Hotel

Matemwe Hotels: Plunge Pool Kasha Boutique Hotel
Matemwe accommodation: Terrace and personal plunge pool, Kasha Boutique Hotel, Matemwe, Zanzibar

If you are looking for a delightful seaside getaway when you are in Zanzibar, then you will have to leave Stone Town and head to another part of the island.

Matemwe, on the east coast of Zanzibar is one such part of the island where you won’t have to fight off crowds.

In Matemwe, Kasha Boutique Hotel is a colorful, delightful, serene place where the rooms are beautifully decorated and have everything you need to enjoy yourself by the ocean including a private terrace with a sea view and a personal plunge pool.

The food is very good and the service attentive.

There is not much to do in the proximity of Kasha Boutique Hotel, though, other than water-related activities, so if this is your destination, be prepared to spend your time there whiling away peacefully and calmly at the hotel.

Hotels in Matemwe Zanzibar: Photos From My Original Post Taken in Matemwe

No. 26: Matemwe Accommodation – Breakfast at Kasha Boutique Hotel Matemwe

Matemwe hotels: Zanzibar PlacematSettling down for what was to become a champagne breakfast but didn’t know it yet. At this point, I was simply taken in by my placemat which reminded me loud and clear about where I was blessed to be.

Go to for my best tips on what to do when you are visiting the Island of Zanzibar.

No. 19: Matemwe Accommodation: The Swimming Pool at Kasha Boutique Hotel

Matemwe hotels: Me at in the swimming pool at Kasha Boutique HotelBecause….I am Pisces and love water. I swam in the ocean and chatted with some local school boys and, as if that were not enough, came to while away in this pool while I stared out at the ocean and chatted aimlessly with friends. Heaven on Earth!

Kasha Boutique Hotel, Matemwe, Zanzibar.

Thanks, @RacinesCreations, for capturing the moment! 🙂

Go to for tips on what to do when you are visiting gorgeous Zanzibar. 🙂

(If you are interested in Matemwe accommodation, be sure to check out Kasha Boutique Hotel.)

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No. 15: Matemwe Hotels – Plunge Pool and Terrace, Kasha Boutique Hotel

Matemwe hotels: Plunge Pool, Kasha Boutique Hotel, ZanzibarOn my last trip to Zanzibar, I was keen to discover another part of the island other than Stone Town and the northern beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa.

This curiosity led me to @KashaBoutiqueHotel on the northeastern beach of Matemwe.

It was an absolute DELIGHT!

Who says no to a personal plunge pool right outside your room? Not me!

I spent a most beautiful evening in this plunge pool, in total darkness, looking up at the stars, contemplating life, and fully enjoying the moment.

This is not a memory I shall soon forget!

Want to know what else you can do on the cool island of Zanzibar? Go to

(If you are interested in Matemwe hotels, be sure to check out Kasha Boutique Hotel.)

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Nos. 8 & 7: Matemwe Hotels – The Swimming Pool at Kasha Boutique Hotel & Stone Town, Zanzibar

Matemwe hotels: Swimming Pool Kasha Boutique HotelYes, yes, yes….now that is what I am talking about!…just in case you get tired of your own personal plunge pool and want to swim in a full-fledged swimming pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Kasha Boutique Hotel, Matemwe, Zanzibar.

Go to to learn about what cool things there are to do in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

(If you are interested in Matemwe hotels, be sure to check out Kasha Boutique Hotel.)

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Other Options for Matemwe Zanzibar Hotels

If you are headed to Matemwe, Zanzibar and want more recommendations about Matemwe accommodation other than Kasha Boutique Hotel, three other higly rated places to stay in Matemwe include:

  1. Zanzibar Queen Hotel
  2. Zanzibar Sunrise at Bandas, and
  3. Sunshine Marine Lodge

Cheesy Bite Arusha

Cheesy Bite is a new fast food restaurant in Arusha located in Njiro. It specializes in American-style fast food, featuring burgers, fried chicken, and salads.

You can reach them by telephone on +255-624-117213 to find out more.

Meat Point Zanzibar

Meat Point Zanzibar is a new eatery located very near Zanzibar airport. It features traditional-style dining and nyama choma, which is Swahili for grilled meat.

You can watch videos taken at Meat Pont Zanzibar here.

Nos. 21 & 20: 6 Degrees South Zanzibar

Rose Wine at 6 Degrees South Zanzibar - Drinks in Zanzibar before visiting Matemwe hotelsFirst item on the agenda in Zanzibar after making sure our dinner reservations were confirmed: refreshing drinks at 6° South Zanzibar. Beautiful, beautiful view!

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Go to to find out more about fun things to do when you are visiting Zanzibar’s Stone Town!

Cheers with Wine and Cocktails 6 Degrees South Zanzibar - Drinks in Stone Town before visiting Matemwe hotelsThis is what holidays are made of…cheers! Drinks at @6DegreesSouthZanzibar.

Go to to get my best tips on what to do when you are visiting Zanzibar this holiday season.

Photo Credit: @RacinesCreations

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It’s that time again: time for a little show and tell.

What should you expect to see this time?

Lots and lots of pictures of food across the region, pictures of Zanzibar—it seems it’s Zanzibar season in my life because I’ve been to Zanzibar not once but twice since the pictures from my last Instagram recap post—and unexpectedly, quite a few pictures of me, some even with  friends and family.

Without further ado, here goes….

No. 29: Kafunda, Nairobi

Kafunda, NairobiYou know there’s got to be something special about this hole-in-the-wall bar in Hurlingham, Nairobi for word of it to reach me all the way in Dar es Salaam.

And surely there is.

Located on Argwings Kodhek Grove, off Argwings Kodhek Road, this bar is known as ‘Kafunda’, which literally means “a small place you squeeze in” in Ugandan local languages, and is also the way Ugandans generally refer to small local bars.

Possibly the friendliest bar in Nairobi, I am told that at Kafunda, 1) you must greet everyone in the bar and introduce yourself to them when you enter the bar and 2) once you tell the owner-cum-barman, Eddie, what you are drinking, you’ll never have to again because he will always remember it.

I had a great time at Kafunda a couple of weeks ago, and as the regulars would put it…I am happy to have popped my Kafunda cherry. I look forward to the next time! ?

In case you are wondering how the bar got its name, no, the owner is not Ugandan. Rather, the bar was baptized Kafunda by some of its Ugandan regulars and the name stuck!

Have you ever been to Kafunda? If so, let me know by leaving me a comment! 🙂

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Nos. 28 & 27: Dar es Salaam Shenanigans

My Niece-in-Law’s Surprise Baby ShowerWhen your niece (@Pamela_Malezi_Bora) calls you to join a family photo when you’ve got a huge piece of grilled meat in your mouth, you try to smile with your eyes. Hehehehe…#FAIL.

Congratulations @Vinny_Elvin & @Jocelyne_Maro on your little bundle of joy.

To all of you in this picture, I am so so happy and blessed to call you family. #FamilyRocks #MyFamilyKnowsHowToThrowAParty

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Chocolate Makes your clothes shrinkIsn’t that a fact?! For more amazing wisdom from the bathroom at SALT restaurant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, go to

Nos. 25 & 24: Travelling in Tanzania

Zebra in the Ngorongoro Crater, TanzaniaA zebra on the move, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Go to to learn more about the marvelous things there are to see in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater.

Waiter at Tea House Restaurant, Emerson on Hurumzi - dinner in Stone Town before visiting Matemwe HotelsHehehe…yes, I had to go again (in reference to no. 5 on this list) for the Swahili dinner at the Tea House restaurant on top of the Emerson on Hurumzi hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

What was for dinner?

Goat with okra, a delicious fish cooked in banana leaves and preserved lime, pilau rice, breadfruit in coconut, and a delicious vegetarian pulse dish…among other things. Very much like what I had the last time I was there and every much as delicious!

Go to for more recommendations on what to do when you are visiting Stone Town, Zanzibar.

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Nos. 23 & 22: Treats in Dar es Salaam

Cookies and muffins at Soul Treats Bakery in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaI’ve been eating @SoulTreatsTz goodies for YEARS now but only visited their bakery in Namanga for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

Look at all the goodies that were staring at me as I waited to order cake! Do you think I managed to resist temptation? ???

Go to to see some of the goodies I’ve gotten from Soul Treats before—scroll down to about halfway through the list.

Pizza with cheesy bitesMy new guilty pleasure after a late night of partying: pizza from Pizza Hut in Oysterbay, especially if it’s got cheesy bites! (As though extra cheese were not enough.)

What are cheesy bites? Those mozzarella-cheese-filled bread rolls attached to the pizza‘s crust. Aye aye aye! Sinful pleasure! ??‍♂️

No. 18: A Perfect Steak, SALT, Dar es Salaam

Steak and fries, SALTDoes a plate of steak get better than this? I dare say not!

Where from? @Salt_RestaurantTz in Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam.

That day I learned: when trying to decide between a sirloin steak, a fillet steak, and a T-bone steak, opt for the T-bone steak which has sirloin steak on one side of the “T” bone and fillet steak on the other. You get the best of both worlds! Now you know. 🙂

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Apart from great food and what I now call the best Mojito in town, Salt is a charming little restaurant that makes you smile at every turn, for one because of all the little signs around the restaurant.

To get an idea of what I mean, go to and scroll down to number 18.

No. 17: Zanzibar Accommodation: Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Trees at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar - hanging out in Stone Town before visiting Matemwe hotelsEnjoying the leafy courtyard at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar.

Go to to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience on the magical island of Zanzibar.

No. 16: A Taste of Childhood

Attiéké at Mama AshantiAttiéké (fermented grated cassava), a staple of Ivorian cuisine, served up in the beautiful gardens of @MamaAshantiKenya. Tastes from your childhood always hold a special place in your heart!

Go to to find out more about this Nairobi restaurant which serves up West African fare.

No. 14: On Point BBQ Kitchen, Mbezi Africana, Dar es Salaam

Grilled Meat at On Point BBQ KitchenI finally made it out to @On_Point_BBQ_Kitchen in Mbezi Beach Africana, where my cousin Chef Mwabuki makes some mean, mean barbecued meat. Justin, these farm sausages were amazing! I can’t wait for the next time!

No. 13: On the Way to Matemwe Hotels

On the Way to Matemwe Hotels: Little Boat on the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar ChannelIt looks like a painting but it isn’t. It’s just an ordinary day in Tanzania. I looked out the ferry window and saw it was drizzling, hoping against hope that the rain wouldn’t mar what was supposed to be a fantabulously fun weekend in Zanzibar with the girls. Thank God, it didn’t.

Go to to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience on the magical island of Zanzibar.

No. 12: Mama Ashanti, Nairobi

Attiéké poission Mama Ashanti KenyaAbout to throw down on some serious attiéké (fermented grated cassava) & fried fish with my sister-girl Belinda at @MamaAshantiKenya in Nairobi. We were not playing. Do you see her rings on the table? Yep, we were about to dig in with our hands and do the food justice…just like we’d done together so many times in our childhood.

Go to to find out more about this awesome Nairobi restaurant that serves up West African delicacies!

No.11: Getting to Matemwe Hotels – The Ferry to Zanzibar

Getting to Matemwe Hotels: Biche in the Azam ferry to ZanzibarSetting sail to Zanzibar. If you travel in the VIP section of the Azam ferry, you might as well be in the cabin of a plane, with much the same comfort and barely able to tell that you are travelling on water. BUT…you will miss the pleasure of the sun, ocean view, ocean spray, and the wind on your face that travelling on an outdoor deck offers. I still can’t decide what I prefer!

Go to to get my best tips on what to do when you are visiting the magical island of Zanzibar.

Nos. 10 & 9: Dining with Gal Pals, Dar es Salaam

Gallo Wine at Two-O-SixIf you find me drinking rosé wine, chances are I am dining with my gal pal @E_A_foodie. This wine was perfectly chilled and deliciously fruity. Thanks for the introduction, @E_A_foodie, I will be drinking this one again!

Dining at a ‘bring your own wine‘ event at @TheTwoOSix on the night they launched their new menu. Everything I tasted was FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD. The half-eaten cheesecake in this photo may not look like much but the taste…Oh, oh, oh!

Go follow soon-to-be East African food and travel blogger, @e_a_foodie: her blog will be launching soon. Knowing her personally, I know we’ll all be in for a real treat with her blog! 🙂

Eating Ethiopian Food at Rohobot with VeroI had an amazing time chowing down with my gal pal @VeronicaKundya.

@VeronicaKundya is not only a Forever Living guru but has lost an amazing 17 kg in only one year.

Want to know how?

Go follow @VeronicaKundya and she’ll tell you all about it.

I’ll post one of her before and after pictures for you very soon.

Well done, @VeronicaKundya! ????


#Repost @veronicakundya


Guys , have you ever been wondering where to eat some nice food when you are in a certain country, what fun activities, accommodation in certain beautiful places or even what events that are about to happen ?

Then wonder no more, @chickabouttown is a well-connected blogger so what to do is click the follow button @chickabouttown @chickabouttown and you will be updated on everything that’s happened, is happening and about to happen ???

@Chickabouttown, you are an amazing soul ???

Thank you for the invite and all that I got to experience yesterday at Rohobot Ethiopian Restaurant ???

Duhirwe & I, Tea House restaurantWe met 27 years ago in one big dramatic bang and, all these years later, our friendship that has spanned 5 countries on 2 continents feels as simple and as easy as when I was 12. (Yes, 12, perpetually 12. ???) Happy birthday, sister-girl @DuhirweStudio. You age like a fine wine!

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I can’t wait for the next time! ?

Happy birthday to you too, @LilRushe! I hope you are living it up today as hard as your sister is in Zanzibar. ?

Living and loving at the Tea House restaurant on the rooftop of the Emerson on Hurumzi hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Go to for my recommendations on things to do when you are visiting Zanzibar.

No. 6: Late-Night Meanderings, Dar es Salaam

Moon in sky, Dar es SalaamWhen you can’t fall asleep so are roaming the streets at night. Palm trees against a night sky.

It turns out I look up at the sky a lot and see enough beauty there to try and capture it.

You can find more pictures of the sky across East Africa at

No. 5: The Tea House Restaurant, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Sunset at The Tea House Restaurant Zanzibar

In my post about things to do in Zanzibar, I mention that my favourite place in Stone Town is the rooftop of the Emerson on Hurumzi hotel.

I also mentioned in that post that I had never actually eaten at the Tea House restaurant, which now occupies that space, but I made sure to do that on my last trip there. (Thank you, @RacinesCreations!) The dining experience was as amazing as I thought it would be.

First, there was a stunning sunset to experience before dinner, then it was great food to be enjoyed accompanied by ethereal Taarab live music.

If you are ever in Zanzibar, do not miss doing this! At only $30 per person, this is an experience you will savor for a long time.

Be sure to make reservations beforehand though…the restaurant has very limited seating and reservations are mandatory.

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Nos. 4 & 3: Pictures Taken From up High

Kenya Airways in the skiesFlying the skies with @OfficialKenyaAirways. Goodbye, Dar es Salaam; hello, Nairobi!

People LOVE to complain about what a horrible airline Kenya Airways is, but after flying with Kenya Airways for over 30 years, I stand by my opinion that they are one of the most trustworthy African airlines flying the skies today.


Come on over to my blog and I’ll give you my reasons.

Go to, then let me know if you agree with me or not in the comment section of the post.

See you there! #NoFilter

Dar es Salaam Harbour from Level 8Dar es Salaam’s downtown waterfront by night as viewed from Level 8 at The Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro.

Did someone recently call our city “the fishing village of Dar es Salaam”? Hahahaha…think again!

Go to to see more posts about Dar es Salaam on my blog.

No.2: Sisterly Love at Its Best

Senene at Sylliche'sWhen you go spend the day with your sister and she spoils you real good with a whole plate of fried grasshoppers. Yay, it’s senene season! ????

No. 1: Daddy’s (Not So) Little Girl

Dad & IWhen your father gets the medical all-clear, you can’t help but smile a little brighter and take a selfie to send to the rest of the family. I wish you long (healthy) life, Dad! #DaddysNotSoLittleGirl #NotBadFor71

So there you go, folks!

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell.

Let me know in the comment section below if any of these pictures struck a chord with you.

As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Until the next time,

Miss Zanzibar, Matemwe

Miss Zanzibar is a fashion brand and boutique located in Matemwe that makes clothes and fashion accessories out of kitenge, beads, and batik. You can find out more about the brand on their Instagram page: @MissZanzibar_Boutique.

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Photo Credit: Agoda


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