How to Take Care of Afro Natural Hair Tip #5 & More

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How to Take Care of Afro Natural Hair Tip #5: Eat Healthy for a Healthy Head of Hair

Foods rich in proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are ideal.

Try your best to eat these foods as they will help with growing beautiful strong hair.

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Avocado can even be applied directly to the hair.

To do this, simply mash some avocado and mix it with any hair oil of your choice.

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Neatly apply portions of this mixture into your hair.

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Be sure to get some of the mixture onto your scalp too, as avocado is well known to help revitalize the scalp.

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Leave the mixture in your hair for a few hours or overnight and then wash out.

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This leaves the hair nourished, soft, and easy to comb.

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Hair Booster Afros and Mo

Nature’s Fusion Hair Booster Tonic is an Afros and Mo product formulated to aid hair growth, intensify hair moisture, and improve scalp health.

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It is essentially a leave-in-conditioner because it is meant to be sprayed on your hair, when your hair is either wet or dry, and not rinsed out afterwards.

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Ingredients in this product include water (first on the list), aloe vera, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, and sweet orange peel extract.

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