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Millard Ayo & 49 Other Most Influential Young Tanzanians

This post is about the current 50 Most Influential Young Tanzanians. This year, someone else, knocks Millard Ayo (of MillardAyo.com and Ayo TV) out of first place. It’s already been a year since I published this post about the 50 Most Influential Young Tanzanians of 2018. A year later, a new ranking is out, covering the duration of last year. Are you keen to know who the most influential young Tanzanians of last year were? If so, I won’t keep you waiting. Here you go! Mbwana Samatta Knocks Millard Ayo Out of First Place Aston Villa and Taifa Stars captain … Continue reading

Flights From Johannesburg to Zanzibar & Africa’s 100 Most Influential Women

This post was originally about the 100 most influential women in Africa, but since many of you come to this post while searching “flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar“, I decided to update this page to include information about that too. Flights From Johannesburg to Zanzibar Several airlines operate flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar including Mango, which has a direct flight. If you are interested in finding great deals on flights from Johannesburg to Zanzibar, enter your travel details below, and see what is available through Travelstart, Africa’s premier online travel agency. Travelstart Other airlines which fly between Johannesburg and … Continue reading

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