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Cadbury Hot Chocolate Recipe for a Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

When I was in primary school, my older brother and I always looked forward to our afternoon cup of hot chocolate. We’d make it with four cubes of sugar (without my mother’s knowledge) and loved to have it with buttered baguette. That was many, many years ago. Until recently, when I suddenly started drinking a cup of hot chocolate every day (Cadbury hot chocolate to be precise), hot chocolate no longer had a place in my life except when it was mixed with coffee, to make my much-loved café mocha.

A Daily Cup of Cadbury Hot Chocolate

My new adult habit of drinking a daily cup of hot chocolate began during a cold Nairobi winter. Hot chocolate was the perfect thing to give me respite from the cold as well as much needed comfort during that particular time in my life.

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I had at least one cup every evening. The only problem I had with my hot chocolate was that the chocolate powder sometimes didn’t dissolve fully into my milk.

This made my hot chocolate not as chocolaty as I wanted. Instead, there would be disturbing specks of chocolate powder floating at the top of my drink. I didn’t think too much about it, but was certainly pleased when one day, unexpectedly, I found a solution to my predicament.

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Making the Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

Tin of Cadbury hot ChocolateOne morning, after my usual mid-morning walk, I came home in the mood for something chocolaty. I wanted something similar to hot chocolate but wanted it cold. I decided to try the recipe for a cold chocolate drink that I had seen so often on the side of many Cadbury Drinking Chocolate tins. The recipe read:

“Add 3 heaped teaspoons of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate into a glass, add a little hot water and mix to a thin paste. Top up with cold water – stir well, and enjoy. For a super cold drink, add an ice cube.”

I followed the recipe with a few (minor) adjustments. First, I decided to use 2.5 teaspoons of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate instead of 3 so that my drink wouldn’t be too sweet, and second, I decided to top up my drink with milk, instead of water, because I was in the mood for a rich drink!

The drink was just as I hoped it would be: rich, chocolaty, and cold. I was also surprised to see that there were no undissolved Cadbury hot chocolate powder granules in my cold chocolate. Mixing the chocolate powder with hot water before making the rest of the drink seemed to have taken care of that! I tried this method when making my cup of hot chocolate later that same day, and it worked wonders!

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A Lesson About the Importance of Following Directions

The hot water trick was not the only thing that I took away from this cold chocolate experience. The other thing that I learned that day was the importance of following directions.

If only I had read the directions on the Cadbury Drinking Chocolate tin sooner! Maybe then I would not have had to suffer through so many cups of hot chocolate that were not as rich and smooth as I longed for them to be. And yet, the directions were there all the time!

So…to recapitulate: if you are a fan of chocolate drinks and have a problem with your chocolate powder not dissolving fully, simply remember to mix your Cadbury hot chocolate powder (buy it on Amazon here) with some hot water first, before making the rest of your drink with milk or water, as you please. Secondly, reading and following instructions is a good thing! This is one of the best ways to get maximum performance out of any product or item. I’ve definitely learned my lesson!

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  1. Reminded me of my primary school days when we would add more sugar to tea in the absence of grany’s watchful eye. The funny part is that the tea was often accompanied with banana’s so one wonders what difference the sugar made in the first place.

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