Kumekucha means the day has broken in Swahili

Kumekucha Blog

As much as I blog, I am not an avid reader of blogs.

It’s not that I am not interested in what others have to say.

Rather, in this fast-paced world of having so many things to do, I am not too keen to add tasks to my regular to-do list.

Still, there are a couple of blogs that I enjoy reading whenever I do get the chance to do some leisurely internet surfing.

One such blog is “You Missed This – Kumekucha” (which I will simply call Kumekucha from this point on).

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Kumekucha Meaning

I first stumbled upon Kumekucha (which means “dawn has broken” in Swahili) following a link that my niece had sent me in a forward.

The link led to a post on Kumekucha that talked about a then-recent event that had just occurred in Kenya that was as unimaginable as they come.

I found the incident (and the post) hilarious, so decided to spend more time on Kumekucha reading other blog posts.

After three hours, I was still reading.

Along with posts about funny/incredible situations that had taken place in Kenya, there were countless posts about social and political scandals along with incredible never-heard-elsewhere details that seemed plausible if not necessarily entirely factual (I am not doubting the veracity of the facts published on Kumekucha, but neither am I vouching for them – you’ll have to decide for yourself).

I had a ball reading Kumekucha that first day, as I do whenever I read the blog now.

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Well, I’ll stop telling you about it and let you check it out for yourself. The URL for the blog is simply www.kumekucha.blogspot.com (or click here to go there now).

Visit it and let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


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7 thoughts on “Kumekucha Blog”

Biche, I know exactly what you are talking about!

I love reading Kumekucha for entertainment purposes. I mean those comments on that site….you actually wonder whether they are written by adults. Some are so ridiculously funny, you really wonder.

Whenever I feel depressed, low or just bored, I make sure I read Kumekucha and that is certain to change my mood for sure. I also read it in the middle of the night when sleep eludes me.

The one thing I know about Kumekucha for sure, is that there is no site like it on this planet….no wonder Kenyans are known for their peculiarity.

Hi Mama,

Nice to see you on ChickAboutTown again! It’s funny, I didn’t want to say it because I am not Kenyan but the amount of peculiarity seen on Kumekucha really is reflective of the craziness that goes on in our beloved Kenya. 🙂 Hehehehe…

Thanks for sharing.


I love Kumekucha too. I’m with Mama on the comments! Some time back she and I were very active on that site posting both articles and comments but we’ve since slowed down. Some of the comments are a bit too down there for the girls surely.

Hi Shiko-Msa,

Yep, the comments can get downright nasty. You used to write articles for Kumekucha? Wow, cool! Could you send me a link of an article you contributed there (or if you are uncomfortable with doing so publicly, just send it to me by email – ChickAboutTown[at]gmail.com).

I can’t wait to hear back from you.


Nobody has talked about the knack this blogger (Chris) has for analyzing things in Kenya and even correctly predicting developments many months before they happen. A truly unique Kenyan blog. Many times I have read next months newspaper headline in Kumekucha yesterday.

Hi Carol,

Welcome to Chick About Town and thanks for leaving a comment.

Really? I hadn’t noticed that Chris was such a predictor of Kenyan current events. Thanks for that particular insight.


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