What’s Your Motivation to Grow Locs? & More

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What’s Your Motivation?

First things first, let’s talk about the motivation to grow dreadlocks.

For those of you who sport dreadlocks (or have done so in the past), what was your main reason for beginning to grow them?

Was it simply about fashion, or did you have a deeper, more meaningful reason to start growing locs?

For me, the very first time was because I was going through some sort of phase.

how to twist dreads yourself: some people don't retwist their locs at all and prefer to have free form locs
Freeform locs grown by the “neglect” method

I was at university and was simply tired of all the effort that we women were going through to alter ourselves and our appearances, so I decided to go natural.

This first time, I kept it simple: I simply stopped combing my hair (among other things that I stopped doing 😆 ).

That was an interesting experiment!

On subsequent dreadlock journeys, my reasons were a little less radical.

For the most part, after that, I started to grow dreadlocks for aesthetic reasons.

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