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Cine Club–Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Update: Cine Club is no longer operational. READ ALSO: 7 Tips for Relaxed Hair READ ALSO: Emirates Flights: The 100thA380 Super Sale Is On!  READ ALSO: Uber, the Holiday Season, and Dynamic Pricing Cine Club Off Old Bagamoyo Road Mikocheni (Warioba), Dar es Salaam Tel: +255-(0)754-374436/+255-(0)715-374436 In November 2007, when I first visited Dar es Salaam with an eye towards moving here, I remember often hearing mention of a place called Cine Club. At times, this would be while people were giving directions (where they would use Cine Club as a marker); at other times, it would be in relation to concerts … Continue reading Cine Club–Dar es Salaam, Tanzania