Rwanda set to host “Africa Rising Stars Contest 2022”

Africa Rising Stars Contest 2022

Rwanda has put plans in motion as it’s getting set to host the African Rising Stars Contest 2022.

Africa Rising Stars Contest, a new talent hunt project aimed at expanding the creative roof of Africans, infusing fresh ideas into the creative industry and ultimately boosting Africa’s economy, has been unveiled.
The talent hunt program dubbed: Africa Rising Stars Contest for creatives in the music, dance, comedy, content creation, acting, modelling, athletic, writing and other sectors is the brainchild of Oga Campaign International.
Africa Rising Stars Contest has unquestionably become a rallying point in Kigali and its environs, as it is a contest that seeks to celebrate, recognize and encourage African stars in the creative industry, cutting across the entire African continent.
The contest has remained in the minds of entertainment fans and industry watchers since its first announcement.
According to the project coordinator of Africa Rising Stars Contest, Duke Harrison, the Contest is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that all the creatives in Africa such as film actors, musicians, dancers, athletes, comedians, and content creators are given the accolades they richly and meritoriously deserve.
By so doing, the contest intends to portray to the world the beauty of African content.

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