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Mediterraneo Restaurant, Dar es Salaam

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It seems to me as though there might be a restaurant called Mediterraneo in each of East Africa’s largest commercial cities.

In Nairobi, there are the three wonderful Mediterraneos (in Westlands, at The Junction, and in Gigiri).

In Dar es Salaam, there is the beautiful Mediterraneo in Kawe, which will be the subject of today’s post.

In Kampala, there is the Mediterraneo in Kololo.

The one thing that all these Mediterraneos share in common, other than their name, is that each of them is an outstanding restaurant with good food and great ambiance. Might it be true then that a name bewitches its owner, as is often said in my mother tongue?

Mediterraneo in Dar es Salaam

I first visited Mediterraneo in Dar es Salaam on a day when my mind was fraught with anxious thoughts.

I was going through a trying period in my life and needed some time out to recoup and clear my mind.

Mediterraneo did this wonderfully.

Lounge at Mediterraneo Restauran Dar es Salaam

The Lounge

I remember arriving at Mediterraneo and being mesmerized by the beauty of the lounge area.

The chairs were made of canoes, and there was sand on the ground.

The ocean was only a short distance away and it seemed to be blowing wind in my direction with the intention of blowing all my worries away.

The Restaurant

Upon arrival, my party and I were quickly attended to by a warm and friendly waiter.

As soon as he knew that we had come for lunch, he led us to the dining area where he seated us, served us drinks, and left us to peruse the menu.

If I was wowed by the lounge at Mediterraneo, then I can only say that I was left speechless by the dining area itself.

Although the interior decor of Mediterraneo Restaurant is quite simple, the glass wall that separates the restaurant from the ocean is what gives Mediterraneo that truly special feel.

This glass wall allows you to gaze out and see the ocean (which laps Mediterraneo’s foundation walls during high tide) while blocking ocean spray and heavy wind, which would be very uncomfortable while dining.

The Food

The food at Mediterraneo is, for me, the only part of the restaurant that leaves something to be desired.

Although the food is good—Mediterraneo serves an extensive Italian menu—it is never quite perfect.

I remember once having a seafood platter, at Mediterraneo, which had me asking for all sorts of condiments—lemon, olive oil, and chili—to add flavor to my meal.

At yet another time, I remember being served food that was not hot but just lukewarm.

This did not in any way add pleasure to my meal.

The one type of food that I will never complain about at Mediterraneo, though, is the desert.

Mediterraneo serves deliciously perfect desert!

Maybe the problem with the food at Mediterraneo is specific only to me. Mediterraneo has, in the past, been voted Best Restaurant in Dar es Salaam during the Quest for the Best Awards. Might it be that something changed at Mediterraneo after these awards that affected the quality of the food there?

Whatever the case, I can still confidently recommend a visit to Mediterraneo Restaurant in Dar es Salaam because whatever its shortcomings with regard to food, it abundantly makes up for with great ambiance, good service, and inspiring decor.

When you do visit Mediterraneo, please come back here and tell me what you thought. Particularly, I would like to know what you thought about the food.

Was it outstanding? Am I just being picky?

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Until the next time,

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Photo Credit: Andrew

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