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Travelstart Specials & Nu Metro Cinemas

If you came to this post looking for Travelstart specials, you can find a host of them here. Otherwise, keep reading for my original post about Nu Metro Cinemas in Kenya.

As I was writing my recent post on Nu Metro cinemas, I looked all over the Internet for an official Nu Metro website that had information about its Nairobi cinemas, the movies showing there, as well as showtimes.

Much to my dismay, despite being skilled at searching for information on the net, I found zilch.

A Trip to the Junction Cinema Changes That

Last Friday, on a treat-myself trip to The Junction mall cinema, I came to find out that Nu Metro did in fact have a website.

Nu Metro Kenya

Apparently, it has been operational for over a year.

The URL for the site is and after visiting today, I can confirm that it is indeed operational!

Although it covers all three African countries where Nu Metro has a presence, after the homepage, you can restrict yourself to information for Nu Metro cinemas and mediastores in Kenya.


Why don’t more people know about this?

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Where to Find What’s Playing at the Junction Cinema & When

On my visit to the site today, I found information about the movies showing at each Kenyan Nu Metro cinema, movie showtimes, summaries, and prices.

Nu Metro Cinema at The Junction

The website also provides other Nu Metro information such as information about products available at the mediastores and upcoming events.

I found it very thorough and informative.

I am sharing this with you, so that you have an easier way to find out what’s playing at the cinema, complete with movie showtimes, without having to hunt for an often hard-to-find newspaper (especially in the latter part of the day) or use Safaricom’s cumbersome 411 service.

Let me know how much easier (or not) you find this service.

For me, I have a feeling I will be using it a lot!

Write more soon,

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22 thoughts on “Travelstart Specials & Nu Metro Cinemas”

Hi Debbie,

First and foremost, welcome to the ChickAboutTown community!

In response to your question, no I don’t know of a website that has Sarit Cinema listings (does anyone else know of one?), but still I think I might have a solution for you.

If you are a Safaricom subscriber, use their 411 service to find out what’s playing at Sarit (or any other cinema in Nairobi). To do this SMS the word ‘movies’ (without the quotes) to 411. Safaricom will then give you a list of cinemas to choose from. Once you select a cinema, Safricom will then send you a list of the movies showing at that cinema. You can then further request more info on a particular movie, and Safaricom will send you a quick synopsis of the movie (actors included) as well as the times that the movie is showing at your selected cinema.

If it sounds complicated, trust me, it’s not. It’s quite intuitive to use. To the best of my knowledge this service covers all the theatres in Nairobi (and a couple in Kisumu and Mombasa). The cost for the 411 service is 10 KSh per SMS as of the last time I checked (I am not sure how Safaricom counts the number of texts in the process though)

So once more, to get started, remember to send an SMS with the word ‘movies’ (without quotes) to 411. Let me know what you think of the service.

Wishing You The Best,

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the ChickAboutTown community!

That’s great information that you share with us. I am thrilled that I can now order books from Books First and have them delivered to my home or office. All this without a credit card too, I see, because they also accept M-Pesa. Great Stuff!

Tell me, have you used this online service yet? If so, what did you think?


P.S. Dear Reader, Books First also delivers outside Nairobi to other parts of Kenya as well as Internationally including other East African countries. If you are a bibliophile from a neighboring country, which is less equipped with good reading material, please check this link out.

Nu-Metro website

Amazing! Why don’t more people know about this?
Maybe it is not so amazing if you approach the website from the side of someone who likes to make a choice from the films on-show today. With this question in mind, the website turns into a labyrinth showing all the beautiful layouts of the designer and lots of non-relevant information which you have to struggle through by looking-up each individual cinema theatre before you can pick your choice.
By the time you are through, (which means over 2 Mb – and in Kenya 20 minutes later) your desired film is halfway its showing time and your appetite for an enjoyable film is slightly dented by the frustration of waiting for the next page on your computer screen.

The Nu-Metro website is something for computer freaks (who are not in need of cinema) and not the average user who uses internet as a source of information.
This website is of low functionality though the artwork could be admired however this is a matter of taste.

A quick overview of all films on-show in Nairobi (with links if you desire more information) can be find on the highly functional website (and free of charge)

Hi Jan,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Thanks for sharing about I checked it out, and it’s true, it’s quite user friendly.

Readers, now you know! πŸ™‚


thank you so much for the site…i’m sure it would be very helpful IF it was still there. since nu metro’s recent merge with silverbird, the site says it is unavailable BUT says to “click here” if you want to go to the silverbird site.

Hi Bex,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Thanks for the update! I will definitely put a note at the top of the post pointing out the change.



Been having the same problem with these kenyan cinema’s. They really need to style up. Good stuff silverbird is setting the bar much higher.

I’d just finished making a post on it at before i stumbled across your link on the blog – A Nairobian’s Perspective.

Here’s a copy of the same post I made on that blog about Gotissuez – sorry to copy/paste it on both blogs.

I’ve included your help in a site we’ve been working on, Its a new form of market research where we give consumers an opportunity to air their issuez against companies, their products, services and customer care.

There’s also a Gift Gallery that acts much like an auction, but rather than cash, you bid using points gained from your activity on the site (making posts, making comments to posts, having comments made on your posts, etc) – and the gifts are real πŸ™‚

check it out,
and thanks again!


Hi Tony,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Cool site you’ve got there. I’ve just registered and will lurk around a little more. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Folake,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Unfortunately, I have never heard of the book and have no clue about where to get books in Lagos. Can anyone else help, Folake?


Hi i have been following the whole nu metro silverbird saga for a while and it seems the cinemas have reverted back to nu metro, and dont have a website to check what movies are opening or how to contact them.Do you know how to contact them for movie info? which you put in your blog actually takes you to personal records. However if you put a hyphen between nu and metro then it works. Not being totally savvy with searching I found it after ages of trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. Just thought you may want to know as I often visit your site and like the fact you are easy to follow and thorough. As a short term contract visitor to Kenya, you are a godsend for me πŸ™‚

Hi Ed and Janinia,

To both of you, welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Ed–Sorry, but no, I don’t know how to contact them for movie information. Does anyone else here?

Janina–Thanks for the correction. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the website you were talking about. Could you possibly post the address here? I tried the hyphen, but it didn’t work for me. Thanks for the kudos; I am glad my blog has been useful to you! πŸ™‚

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