Equity Bank Tanzania Branches & More About Equity Bank Tanzania

Equity Bank Logo - Equity Bank subsidiaries include Equity Bank Tanzania and Equity Bank Uganda

Equity Bank Mwenge

Equity Bank’s Mwenge Branch recently relocated from its longtime location on Sam Nujoma Road to a new site 2 minutes away on Coca-Cola Road.

Equity Bank Mwenge is now located on the ground floor of Natai Plaza. Coming from Mwenge, Natai Plaza is on the left, a little after the intersection.

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Equity Bank Tanzania Branches

Dar es Salaam is the Tanzanian city with the most Equity Bank Tanzania branches, so let’s start there.

Equity Bank Kariakoo & Other Equity Bank Dar es Salaam Branches

There are currently 7 Equity Bank Tanzania branches in Dar es Salaam. These are…

  1. Supreme Branch – 3rd floor, Golden Jubilee Tower on Ohio Street
  2. Golden Jubilee Branch – Ground floor, Golden Jubilee Tower on Ohio Street
  3. Mbagala Branch – Kilwa Road, Mbagala
  4. Mwenge Branch – Natai Plaza, Coca Cola Road, Mwenge/Mikocheni
  5. Nyerere Road Branch – Azania Plaza, Nyerere Road
  6. Kariakoo Branch – Uhuru Street, Opposite JD Pharmacy
  7. Temeke Branch on Sungwi Street
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Equity Bank Tanzania branches - Kariakoo Branch
Equity Bank Tanzania branches in Dar es Salaam: Kariakoo Branch

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Equity Bank (Mwenge Branch) Photos

Equity Bank Tanzania Contacts

The easiest way to contact Equity Bank Tanzania is to call them. Their hotline number is +255-768-985500.

You can also supposedly reach them by email through the following address [email protected], but I have not been very successful at this.

Instead, I have found their Twitter account to be quite responsive. The Twitter handle for Equity Bank Tanzania is @EquityBankTz.

Equity Bank Tanzania Address (Equity Bank Tanzania P.O. Box)

The address for the headquarters of Equity Bank Tanzania is:

Golden Jubilee Tower
Ohio Street
P. O. Box 110183
Dar es Salaam, 10000 Tanzania

Equity Bank Tanzania Swift Code

The SWIFT Code for Equity Bank Tanzania is EQBLTZTZ.

Equity Bank Near Me: Equity Bank Mlimani City

There is no Equity Bank branch at Mlimani City.

Equity Bank Tanzania Branches: What Are the Branch Codes for Each of Equity Bank’s Dar es Salaam Branches?

  1. Supreme Branch – Branch Code: 3006
  2. Golden Jubilee Branch – Branch Code: 3004
  3. Mbagala Branch – Branch Code: 3008
  4. Mwenge Branch – Branch Code: 3007
  5. Nyerere Road Branch – Branch Code: 3001
  6. Kariakoo Branch – Branch Code: 3003
  7. Temeke Branch on Sungwi Street
Equity Bank Branches Dar es Salaam - Head Office
Equity Bank Tanzania Branches in Dar es Salaam: Location of both the Supreme Branch and Golden Jubilee Branch

Equity Bank Tanzania Branches Contacts

Equity Bank Tanzania Limited - Equity Bank Online Banking-755385
Equity Bank Tanzania Branches: Contact information for some branches in Dar es Salaam and the rest of Tanzania

Equity Bank Branches in Tanzania Outside Dar es Salaam

There are 7 Equity Bank Tanzania branches outside Dar es Salaam.

These are…

  1. Arusha Branch – Arusha Trade Center, Uhuru Road
  2. Mwanza Branch – Postal Road, Opposite New Mwanza Hotel
  3. Dodoma Branch on Mbeya Avenue
  4. Moshi Branch on Aga Khan Road
  5. Mbeya Branch  on Market Square Road
  6. Zanzibar Branch on Mlandege Road, and
  7. Morogoro Branch on Old Dar es Salaam Road
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Equity Bank Wakala and ATMs Provide Good Service Too

Although these are the only Equity Bank Tanzania branches across the country, there are Equity Bank ATMs and Equity Bank agents (wakala in Swahili) in many other towns/cities through which you can do your banking with Equity.

Personally, all these together have served me well in my travels around Tanzania.

Many years ago, I wrote a post entitled “Bank Woes: Does Your Bank Make You Smile?”

As you can probably infer from the post’s title, it wasn’t a result of positive banking experiences. Rather, it was inspired by negative ones at an institution I used to bank with at the time called Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

This post, on the other hand, despite its dealing with the same subject, banking, is about how happy I am with one of my current banks: Equity Bank.

The experiences I mention in this post specifically have to do with Equity Bank Tanzania, Equity Bank Uganda, and Equity Bank Rwanda though Equity Bank also operates in South Sudan, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Zambia.

Equity Bank (Mwenge Branch) Photos – Old Location

Equity Bank Dar es Salaam Branches - Mwenge Branch
Equity Bank Branches Dar es Salaam: old Mwenge Branch

Photo Credits: investinafrica.com, moneytalkforwomen.com, Mwasapi Kihongosifoursquare.com, Equity Bank Tanzania, AfricaBZ.com, enpalazzo.blogspot.com, Equity Bank Tanzania

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