4 Steps Towards Getting a Great Corn Roll Hair Style

a corn roll hairstyle with the ends of the cornrows in Dutch braids

The corn roll hair style, more commonly known as cornrows, is a classic African hairstyle that has been in existence for centuries. The hairstyle is made up of rows of braids that are tightly woven to the scalp.

Cornrows more accurately refer to a general type of hairstyle as opposed to a specific hairstyle because cornrows can be designed in many different patterns and in many different sizes to yield starkly different looks.

The corn roll hair style is great for both men and women and is popular because it’s low maintenance, can be styled in different ways, and can last for weeks with proper care.

In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at the cornrow hairstyle, its history, and how to care for it.

History of the Corn Roll Hair Style

The cornrow hairstyle has a rich history that dates back centuries. It was first worn by women in Africa as a way of keeping their hair neat and manageable.

The intricate braiding technique was passed down from generation to generation, and it became a symbol of African culture.

When African slaves were brought to America, they brought their cultural traditions, including the cornrow hairstyle.

In America, cornrows became a symbol of rebellion against the dominant white culture. The hairstyle was banned in some schools and workplaces, but it continued to be popular among African Americans.

Today, the cornrow hairstyle is embraced by people of all races and cultures. It’s no longer seen as a symbol of rebellion, but rather as a beautiful and practical hairstyle.

How to Get a Corn Roll Hair Style

Getting cornrows can be a time-consuming process that requires patience and skill if the desired style is very intricate. There are many simpler cornrow hairstyles that can be done within minutes or at least under an hour.

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Here are the steps to getting the perfect cornrow hairstyle:

Step 1: Prep your hair Cornrows are best done on clean, dry hair, especially if you intend to keep them in for a long time. Wash and condition your hair, and let it air dry completely. If you have particularly curly or kinky hair, you may want to stretch it with a blow dryer to make it easier to braid.

Step 2: Section your hair Using a comb, section your hair into the size of the braids you want. The smaller the sections, the more intricate the braids will be. Use hair ties or clips to keep the sections in place.

Step 3: Start braiding Start at the front of your hairline and take a small section of hair. Divide the section into three parts and begin braiding. As you braid, add more hair to each section until you reach the end of the section. Continue braiding until you have braided all the sections.

Step 4: Finish off the cornrows If you have 4c hair or any other hair type that has grip, then simply braid your cornrows until the end and they are likely not to unravel. In order not to have scraggly cornrow ends, I often china bump the ends of my cornrows. If your hair is of a more slippery nature such that your cornrows might unravel if you don’t secure the ends, use a small rubber band to secure the end of each cornrow.

Caring for Cornrows

Once you have your cornrows, it’s important to take good care of them to keep them looking great. Here is a tip for caring for your cornrows:

  • Keep your scalp clean and moisturized: Use a light oil or moisturizer to keep your scalp from getting dry and itchy. Avoid heavy oils that can clog your pores.
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